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Zeroz Set to Open Second Location in Dublin

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Zeroz Set to Open Second Location in DublinPhoto by Lauren Sega.
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Paul Westrick didn’t anticipate opening a second location of his Downtown store Zeroz. But, when developers at Bridge Park asked him to join the growing number of local businesses there, Westrick saw an opportunity. Next to neighbor RAM Brewing, Zeroz Bridge Park will focus on retail, leaving its Downtown store to manage production for both locations.

Zeroz opened six years ago, introducing Westrick’s creation to the city. His minimalist wallet, inspired by his cycling lifestyle, comes in three sizes: extra small, holding two or three cards; small, holding between four and six; and medium, offering space for up to 10 cards. Their manufacturing happens in the back of his store, executed by CCAD students, artists, designers, and others interested in “craft work.”

Westrick’s new store at Bridge Park is a 600 square foot space and will be retail only. Although he expects production to pick up, Westrick doesn’t foresee needing to expand the space for it.

“The good part about it is everything about it is so small, so we can really keep a small footprint,” he said, “and it’s going to be true for Bridge Park too.”

Another difference between the two locations will be their hours of operation. Although nothing is yet set in stone, Westrick imagines Zeroz Bridge Park will be open for evening hours and the weekend while Zeroz Downtown maintains its daytime hours. As Downtown gets quiet, Bridge Park is just picking up, “so we keep thinking we’ll get this little yin and yang thing.”

As more businesses are announcing Bridge Park locations, Westrick sees Zeroz filling the local boutique niche.

“I think they really want a more unique mix of local restaurants and stores,” Westrick said. “So, they’re not big box stores or anything. They just want little, cool boutiques that are more local.”

“I think it’s going to be awesome,” he continued. “Across the street, Local Cantina’s opening up, and there’s a coffee shop. So, it’s right in the middle of the whole thing, so we’re pretty excited.”

Zeroz Bridge Park’s opening date is set for Black Friday, opening at 5:55 a.m.

For more information, visit zeroz.com

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