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Zauber Brewing Co. Launching in 2012

Walker Evans Walker Evans Zauber Brewing Co. Launching in 2012
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2012 is going to be a big year for beer in Columbus. We’ve already learned about Hoof Hearted and Born Brewing, and today we’re sharing a new Q&A with Geoff Towne, founder of Zauber Brewing Company. Zauber plans to launch their locally brewed beer within the next two months here in Columbus. Find out more, below:

Q: What type of beers will Zauber be producing?

A: Zauber is interested in exploring many categories of beer not easily found in Columbus, primarily Continental European styles. Our method is to look at a small selection of styles and their respective branches… i.e., Belgians, Session Beers, Hefeweizens, etc. How we ‘harvest our enthusiasm’ will depend on customer feedback. Choosing a German name (Zauber means ‘magical’ or ‘enchanting’) hints at our start.

Q: Are there any specific types of beer that will be considered your specialties?

A: I’m not going to limit myself and say only German beers or IPA’s. Any good brewer worth their salt can make any type of beer, but to do it well one usually has a passion for a particular type or style. My vision starts with a good lineup of everyday well balanced beers and the goal is to ‘stand on the shoulders of those giants and see further’.

Q: Where will customers be able to find your products?

A: During our first phase, as our initial volume permits, we will be selling primarily in kegs to local neighborhood restaurants, with a couple of outliers in the suburbs. Elizabeth Lessner’s Columbus Food League, Woodlands Tavern and Village Idiot are committed to carrying our beer, just to name a few. We will keep an updated map of our outlets on our website.

Q: When will Zauber be officially launching?

A: We hope to finally launch in January or February as we pass the last few bureaucratic hurtles. The brewing process takes about a month to make a batch of beer, so as soon as we have clearance we are off and running. We are planning a handful of launch parties and events to kick off our release.

Q: Anything else that our beer drinking readers should know about?

A: Our goal at Zauber Brewing is to produce unique beer. This will not only be some of the best and most extrinsic brews you’ve ever tasted but it’ll be made right here in Columbus.

CLICK HERE to read more about the business behind this new brewery at TheMetropreneur.com.

More information can be found online at zbeers.com.

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