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Z Pizza is now open in the Short North

 Andrew Hall
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Zpizza opened today. Alec and I stopped in for an after school snack. Three slices – Pepperoni, Santa Fe, Greek. All enjoyable. Nice crust. Toppings good. Fresh tomato on the Santa Fe literally squirted juice.

The only downside is the healthy approach (part of the original impetus to start zPizza) which gives ‘low fat pepperoni.’ If pizza is a staple food in your diet, this is good. But if it is more of a treat, then I want the full bore fat. The upside is that there are plenty of other options which serve both taste and health better.

Liked the look of the ‘pizza rustica’ items, especially the pear-gorgonzola and Moroccan. Pizza by the slice + 2.5 blocks from school ==> nice!

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