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Briana Henry Briana Henry Your Weekend Playlist
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Columbus is becoming a more popular place for bands to add as a stop while on tour.  We were skipped over and forced to drive to Cleveland or Cincinnati to indulge in orgasmic music.  But fortunately, this is changing rapidly with upcoming concerts such as  Sea Wolf, The xx, and Peter Frampton.  With this new grab-bag of new music, here are a few shows and albums of different genres to satisfy the biggest cravings for new music.


Danish hardcore/punk band, Iceage, made a stop at Ace of Cups packing the place full of the trendiest metalheads in existence.  Sporting the best looking tattoos and on trend hairstyles, the audience was entertained by a band that looks mostly unassuming, not unlike the crowd. Lead singer and dreamboat Elias Bender Rønnenfelt made love to the microphone and even crowd-surfed, which is an amazing fete at AoC.  In between songs, they only announced the title and moved onto to play again. I literally couldn’t understand a word of what Elias belted out into the microphone, but what he delivered was mind-blowing.  Once the band hit their stride, Rønnenfelt’s eyes looked so deranged that I moved away from the side of the stage when they finished.  Surrounded by controversy about the band’s political stances, tattoos, and merch choices, this band delivered in a way that doesn’t seem that of someone in their age group.  Check out their latest video for “Morals” from their latest release, You’re Nothing.


Nashville has their own style of rock that successfully combines classic rock, blues, and soul. Although there should be better descriptions of a band “killing it”, this band “murdered it”. It was a surprise attack that was bloody and there were no hostages. MODOC’s performance at Kobo was supposed to start around 11:00PM, but they went around midnight.  My tired body started the inevitable daily deterioration of my focus and energy which sped up with every sip of beer I took.  When the band hit the stage, it was clear that I wasn’t tired anymore.  I was awoken by the sounds of pure Nashvillian rock done the proper way. Guitarist Kyle Addison, got me especially worked up.  Dropping onto his knees at several points during the set, it was obvious that this man was lost in love with his guitar and felt each note vibrating through his body.  Check out “Coward” from their latest release Fortune & Fame. This song starts off a bit slow, but just wait until the breakdown in the middle of the song. You’ll be hooked.

On & On

I had the chance to briefly speak with the former lead singer of Scattered Trees before their performance at Rumba Cafe. On tour in support of their debut album, Give In, Nate Eiesland gave some insight into his former band and the direction of On & On.

Briana Henry: This album hasn’t been out terribly long, but is there another in the works, or is there just a focus on touring?

Nate Eiesland: Focusing on touring and live performances.  We’re just having a blast on the road, it’s a dream come true, and come April 30th we have to fly and go through Europe to just spread the love.

BH: Upon reading some other interviews before ours, the standout tracks seem to be “Ghosts” and “The Hunter”, but I really want to talk about “Every Song”.  The lyrics “Take me out of you”, what do you mean by that?

NE: It comes from a few different places.  That lyric in particular is something when you’re in a relationship that you love so much that you need to escape the rut that’s happening.

Check out the most metal music video for an indie/electro outfit ever here:

The Black Angels

Last minute, I was confirmed to see one of my favorite psychedelic bands, The Black Angels.  This was only the second time that I had the pleasure of being in attendance of this spiritual get together to support their latest effort, Indigo Meadow.  They did not disappoint and have since raised the bar since their last performance in Columbus in 2011. Cradled in a corner by the steps, I experienced the climb in temperature as the band started, as well as a potent combination of beer, pot, and expensive cologne. Performing in front of  an animated backdrop of eyes, what looked to what could have been a screensaver from the 80’s, and the most popular, a visual of a beautiful woman teasing the camera and flashing her breasts much to the enjoyment of members of the audience, the seasoned band had limited chit-chat in between song.  Crowd favorites included “Black Grease”, “Entrance Song”, and their latest single, “Don’t Play With Guns”.  The highlight of the show came when Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir joined The Black Angels and performed a few songs on his sitar.  Unfortunately sitting down on a platform, which should have been higher so people could actually see my new crush, would be a better choice, Rishi made an instrument which is usually described as gentle sound menacing.  The band is still on tour supporting their latest album, and they are one not to miss.  The Black Angels played for over an hour, plus an encore.  Once the lights came up, I felt the same way as if I attended an especially intense church service.

Feature photo of The Black Angels by Shane Hirschman.

Feel free to add these to your playlist for the weekend as well as your “must buy” list for Record Store Day. As much as I am an advocate for all things Spotify, there is a sense of satisfaction about having a copy of an amazing album in your hands and knowing that you are monetarily supporting musicians.

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