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Your Kindness Gift Guide

 Margaret Robinson, The Columbus Foundation Your Kindness Gift Guide
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The holidays are a time of giving and sharing. Why not brighten the holiday season by filling your stockings with gifts that give back?

These gifts with a kindness twist help neighbors in need while promoting compassion and gratitude:


About the Center for HumanKindness

In May 2021, The Columbus Foundation created the Center for HumanKindness to cultivate a culture of kindness that honors the humanity of one another and fosters belonging and connection in our communities. Research shows that kind acts, big or small, are transformative for the giver, receiver, and bystanders. Join us on this journey to extend the ripples of kindness in our community with resources, inspiration, and service opportunities.

Visit www.columbusfoundation.org/kindness for more information, sign up for a monthly e-newsletter, and connect on social media.

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