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Young Art Collectors – Tutti Jackson and Jeff Regensburger

Anne Evans Anne Evans Young Art Collectors – Tutti Jackson and Jeff Regensburger
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Tutti Jackson and Jeff Regensburger, art collectors.

Tutti Jackson and Jeff Regensburger have curated quite a nice private art collection. If you aren’t familiar with Jeff, he authors thoughtful reviews of art exhibits and does his own paintings, only one of which is included below. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (Painting and Drawing) from The Ohio State University. The collection really started after they married, and it is largely due to Tutti’s excellent taste and thrifting skills.

“Tutti has a really good eye and recognizes that something is good,” says Jeff. “She knows her stuff.”

The first piece Tutti found was from the Volunteers of America in the Weiland’s Gourmet Market Plaza on Indianola Avenue. Although it is not signed, the piece is dramatic and she was drawn to it. She is particularly interested in women artists and she likes them to have some connection to Ohio or to the Midwest. She also looks for local artists when searching for new pieces she would like to own.

In addition to local galleries and art shows, Tutti enjoys finding pieces on eBay. “You can find some good deals on artists who are listed in art reference books,” she says.

Untitled. Thrifted from the VOA.

Jeff has a particular interest in outsider art, a term that describes artists on the fringe of society, who often illustrate visions, fantasies, and extreme mental states. Since they have had no formal training and are often removed from cultural norms, their creations often look raw. Howard Finster is an artist whose works often fall into the outsider art category and Jeff had always wanted to own one. After a particularly good year, he decided to purchase “From God – Man of Visions” from the now closed Ohio Ethnographic Gallery in the Short North.

Artists can also be formally trained and paint in the outsider style. Rick Borg is a Columbus artist whose works fit loosely in the outsider style. Jeff happened to come into possession of a discarded and unsigned, but undeniably Rick Borg painting. The piece, “Life Painting,” is a humorous take on the highlights and shadows a light source creates and is done in the outsider style.

For art shopping in galleries, Tutti and Jeff always enjoy seeing the latest exhibits at The Lindsay Gallery and the Ohio Art League’s OAL Gallery. They have also found pieces from group shows by Junctionview artists and the Worthington Art Council’s Recycled Art Sale.

They also like to follow certain artists and attend their shows. Tutti had been following Yvette van der Velde for awhile and regretted not getting a piece she liked at a show at Junctionview, but then saw her show at Image Optical and found something she liked. She also had a bid on a painting by Paul Emory at OAL’s Fundraiser, One Night Only, but ended up being outbid.

Their collection also includes textiles, if Tutti sees a beautiful pattern or color, she will frame it. Sophie Knee is a printmaker Tutti feels does really nice work and she would like to get one of her prints. They would also like to own one of Roger Kuntz’s highway paintings. The print they do own was one of the first things they bought for their house and the first piece they bought together.

Which piece is Tutti’s favorite? “The next one,” she says with a laugh. Now on to their collection!

"From God - Man of Visions" Howard Finster. (left). Untitled. Martha K. Schauer. (top right). "Sacred Events" For Tutti and Jeff's wedding. Jovan Karcic. (bottom right).

"Landscape with Cows" Jeff Regensburger. oil on canvas. 36"x48"

Mixed Media. Tom Kelly. (left). Boat Sculpture. Tim Trout. (right).

"Sea & Sky" Lily Harmon. Mixed Media. (left). Painting by Kathleen Gregg. (right).

Textile Sample. Olga Lee Baughman. (left). Emily Barton. Watercolor. (right).

"Ohio" Yvette van der Velde. 2007 (left). William Joseph Eastman. Watercolor. (right).

Untitled. Tutti found this at the Worthington Arts Council Recycled Art Sale.

"Belair, Michigan" Nick Vardcuta. (left). "Olentangy River" Lydia Morrow Reeder. watercolor on paper. (right).

Karl Mullen. (left). Print by Roger Kuntz. (right).

Stephanie Rond. (top left). "Contemplate" Eric Barth. (bottom left). "Life Painting" A rogue Rick Borg piece. (right).

Artists and Favorites:

Eric Barth

Emily Barton

Olga Lee Baughman

Rick Borg

MaryAnn Crago

William Joseph Eastman

Paul Emory

Howard Finster

Kathleen Gregg

Lily Harmon

Jovan Karcic

Tom Kelly

Sophie Knee

Roger Kuntz

Karl Mullen

Roger Kuntz

Martha K Schauer

Lydia Morrow Reeder

Jeff Regensburger

Stephanie Rond

Tim Trout

Nick Vardcuta

Yvette van der Velde

Hackman Frames

Junctionview Studios

Lindsay Gallery

Ohio Art League

Do you have an art collection you would like to share? Please contact me at [email protected]

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