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Exhibition of Every-day Art Collections Prompts Discussion of What it Means to Collect Art

Anne Evans Anne Evans Exhibition of Every-day Art Collections Prompts Discussion of What it Means to Collect ArtSelections from the Young Art Collectors series will be on view at Tacocat beginning Friday, October 3.
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Walker and me in our dining room with our collection of Columbus photography.

Walker and me in our dining room with our collection of Columbus photography.

You have seen the collections through the Young Art Collectors series, but now you can have a chance to view a curated selection of each collector’s works and find out how to begin your own art collection.

Art collecting can be a daunting thing to consider. What kind of budget do you need? Do you need a budget? What styles or what artists should you collect? Should you invest in art?

Of course having access to funds can help you grow a wonderful collection – take a look at the Wexner Family collection currently on display at the Wexner Center, you can start a collection with something as simple as a holiday card you really enjoy.

This show will be the second in a series at Tacocat featuring works that are not for sale, and focusing on the hows and whys of collecting art.

“We held the first show featuring the work of collector, Dr. Roy Gottlieb, and the feedback from the audience was great,” says Adam Brouillette, cofounder of Tacocat. “People were enthusiastic about seeing his collection and his reasons for collecting.”

Starting an art collection is not hard. It’s all about what you like to collect, and what you like to look at.

“The hope in creating this series is to show an audience that not all collections need to feature Picasso paintings and not all collections need to be expensive,” he continues. “Collecting can be personal and about the things you see that provide some affective value in your life. Collections can start small, with artists you know, and can eventually develop into an enjoyment of styles and features.”

While pulling together pieces for this show, after having collected art over time, it gave me a fresh look at our collection as a whole. I hadn’t really thought about the pieces Walker and I have been collecting as a ‘group’ because we purchase things and hang them in different areas of our house. Of course we enjoy them all, but it wasn’t until I was pulling a few of them together that I realized just how similar some of them were – bright and colorful, cheery and happy. (We also have a second collection of photography). The pieces put together a narrative of the things we are drawn to and enjoy seeing every day when we wake up, when we are cooking in the kitchen, when we are eating together as a family, and when we are walking out the door.

The Young Art Collector series began as an offshoot of the At Home series. I think it’s an important series because it does highlight how easy it can be to start a collection of art. And, once the art makes it into someone’s home, it is still fun to get to see it.

At the exhibition at Tacocat, you will see selected works and read testimonials about why pieces were added to collections.

“Helping individuals understand the value of art in their lives, at price points that make sense to their budgets, is a needed discussion in the Columbus art market,” says Brouillette. “Hopefully, exhibitions like this will ease misconceptions and provide insight to people wanting to start collecting artwork.”

Works from the collections featured in the Young Art Collectors Series opens at Tacocat on Friday, October 3. The show will be on view through October 26. More event information can be found hereTacocat is located at 937 Burrell Ave. Columbus OH, 43212.

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