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Young Art Collectors – Andrew Miller

Anne Evans Anne Evans Young Art Collectors – Andrew Miller
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Andrew Miller, Art Collector

As a young adult, Andrew Miller loved going to concerts. He loved supporting local music and its musicians. But as he got older and had a child he wanted to find a new way to support the arts. “I wanted to support the arts in some way, shape or form,” said Andrew. So, he transferred his concert money to buying art from local artists.

He saw many concerts in the old Little Brothers space. When it was being sold and the fixtures being liquidated, he made his first bigger art purchase, Art Peace by Paul Volker. It was a piece painted on a bed sheet, originally for display at Comfest, before it adorned the walls at Little Brothers.

Andrew doesn’t have an unlimited budget for art purchases, but he makes it a priority to support the scene by being an active buyer. He finds it helpful to attend events with a budget in mind.

“People should really buy art from local artists and galleries,” he said. “There is no reason to buy commercial art when you can just as easily go to events or galleries to support.”

Supporting the people in our own community doing the creative things that makes the community where we want to live is important to him. “We’re all trying to do what we can to make the community what we want,” he said.

Robot Tiles by Spalding Studio. Purchased at the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Sale.

Artwork (left and top right) by Adam Brouillette. "Swallow" mixed-media 6"x6" by Katey Barrett.

Artwork by Andrew Miller.

"Are You Absolutely, Positively, and Wholeheartedly Ready to Publish Your Novel?" Poster in white and burgundy, left. All proceeds used to support 826national.org's writing programs for students, ages 6-18. "Kitchen Conversions" Poster by Whimsy & Spice.

"Trees with Streams" Woodblock print by Diane Babcock, left. Bicycle print, right, purchased at Renegade Craft Fair.

Painting by Andrew Miller, left. "World Map Aqua" by These Are Things, top right. 20"x30" silkscreen. "Magic Carpet" by Tugboat Printshop, bottom right.

"Art Peace" by Paul Voker.

Andrew enjoys taking his daughter to many of the art-centric events in Columbus. They enjoy the events at Junctionview such as Por Vida, and he thinks they are very accessible to everyone and there is room for more events in Columbus. Buying from the artists themselves allows you to communicate directly with them. He spends time doing art projects with his daughter and she has shown an interest in art as well. Her bedroom has a few collections of prints by Adam Brouillette and Jason K Burke. Many of her projects and designs hang on her walls.

"Cute Critters Collection" by Jason K Burke

Work by Adam Brouillette, left. VE 1/4 by Bailey Ruhler, right.

"Cool and Contemplative" by Wallace Peck, Open Door Art Studio.

"Golden Burst Print, 2010" by Maggy O'Reilly VanOrder, left. "Original Bird Bike, Yellow" by Methane Studios, right.

Pieces from Laura Alexander's What the Rock?! series.

In addition to teaching his daughter an appreciate for art, Andrew works on some of his own art projects. He does paintings, builds furniture and writes. His short story, Broken, was published in Across Town: Stories of Columbus, a collection of stories presented by the Columbus Creative Cooperative.

Much of his art collection reflects his own interests. He loves typography, maps, woodblock prints and is interested in getting more paintings.

"Columbus Neighborhoods Map" by These Are Things, left. 18"x24" lithograph. WOSU's Columbus Neighborhoods poster, right.

Urbanized Documentary Print by Gary Hustwit, left. Chicago Neighborhood Poster, Spicy Red, 24"x36" by Ork Posters, center. "A NOJVA SERTANEJA" Wood Block Print by Jose Francisco Borges, right.

Needlework done by Andrew's Grandmother.

Collection of Personal Photos along the stairs.

“I would be plenty happy to have my walls covered in art,” he shared.



Laura Alexander

Diane Babcock

Katy Barrett

Jose Francisco Borges

Adam Brouillette

Jason K Burke

Gary Hustwit

Methane Studios – Mark McDevitt & Robert Lee

Michelle Maguire

Andrew Miller

Open Door Art StudioWallace Peck

Orielly Ink – Maggy O’Reilly VanOrder

Ork Posters

Bailey Ruhler

Spalding Studio

These Are Things – Jen Adrion & Omary Noory

Tugboat Printshop

Hazel Varannese

Paul Volker

Whimsey & Spice

WOSU Public Media – Columbus Neighborhoods

Do you have an art collection you would like to share? Please contact me at [email protected]


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