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Young Art Collectors – Amy Neiwirth

Anne Evans Anne Evans Young Art Collectors – Amy Neiwirth
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Amy Neiwirth, artist and art collector, with her cat Stella.

You may know Amy Neiwirth as the creative person behind Sweet Stella Designs. She also teaches art at a local private school, creates her own fine art and collects many works of art. She recently moved to a larger apartment in Olde Towne East and loved that it had more wall space for her to fill with her art collection. The layout of her apartment allows her to create

Some of the works are pieces she has created herself, some are works she has traded for, some are things she found on Etsy.com and some are pretty greeting cards or typeface prints that she loved and framed. Amy curates the Yummy art shows and has gotten a piece or two from the shows for her collection -darling s’mores, anyone?

Keeping some bright and colorful works in her studio keep her inspired. She also has a print from the Wayne County Fair that reminds her of the fun she had there. Although she doesn’t have a large budget for art, she feels it is important to support artists and their craft.

For some of her rooms, Amy selects a general color theme and then finds art for the room with that in mind. Most of her collection is arranged in small vignettes. Take a look!

Works in her Studio:

Untitled by Caroyln Slebodnik, left. "This is text" by Caroyln Slebodnik, top center. "Just a Suggestion" mixed media by Ginnie Baer, bottom center. "Everything Will Be OK!" by Michelle Cavigliano of My Zoetrope, right.

"My life in hairstyle, 1995-2008" and "Nice Pair" by Amy Neiwirth.

"Faces" by Carolyn Slebodnik, left. "Jesus Christ Robot Fighter" by Steve Seeley, right.

"Puking Monsters, Series 1" by Kira Keck.

Works in her Bedroom:

"Dream" by Design Twenty Six, left. "Alone in a Crowd" by Block Party Prints, right.

North Market Promo Cards by Clinton Reno, left. "Mountain Goats" by Nate Duval.

Works at the Stair Landing:

"The White Dinner" by Dan Gerdeman, left. "Strawberry Candy" by Mark Mattson, top right. "Ablaze" by Daric Gill, bottom right.

Fun Stuff:

Potholders by Emily-Kitturah Westenhouser. Keepsake box from El Salvador. Wayne County Fair, PA poster.

Works in the Kitchen:

Framed greeting cards by Dig the Earth, left. Greeting card of "Untitled" 2000 by Laura Owens.

Works in her Dining Room:

"Welcome Home" by Amy Neiwirth, center. "Diner Still Life" by Cynthia Davis, center, right. The rest are pieces of paper or prints that she likes.

"The Foxes" by Cricket Press, left. "Ampersand Letterpress Art Print with Wood Type Collage" by Green Chair Press, right.

"Guy with Glasses" by Amy Neiwirth.

Works in her Living Room:

Top: 14" x 12," Jeff Fernengel. Row Two from left: Isaac Bushkin, Chad Shepherd, Dan Gerdeman. Row Three from left: Amy Neiwirth, Wendy Allegree, Adam Brouillette. Bottom: "Red Shoes,"Askey Illustration.

"Retablo del Corazon," by Amy Neiwirth, left. Photograph by Erinn Fowler, right.

Works in her Hallway:

Grouping in Hallway.

Details: Infographics Work by Jen Adrion, left. "Screens 'N' Spokes" by Nate Duval, right.

Details: "I Always Have Time" by Tush Tush, left. "Up High in the Trees" by Emily Winfield Martin of The Black Apple, top right. "Three Water Towers by Michele Maule, bottom right.

Works in the Sitting Room:

Sitting Room Grouping. "Home Sweet Home - Whales Print" by Susy Ultman, right.

Details: Untitled by Jeff Fernengel, top left. "At Home On The Sea" by Amy Blackwell, bottom right. "In Flight" by Eggman Studios, right.

"Lunch Buddies" by Adam Crum, top left. Work by Boryana Rusenova Ina, bottom left. Cinerama Theatre tshirt made into a pillow by Amy Neiwirth, right.


Wendy Allegree

Askey Illustration

Ginnie Baer

Amy Blackwell

Block Party Prints

Isaac Bushkin

Adam Brouillette

Cricket Press – Sara and Brian Turner

Adam Crum

Cynthia Davis

Design Twenty Six

Dig the Earth

Nate Duval

Eggman Studios

Jeff Fernengel

Dan Gerdeman

Daric Gill

Green Chair Press – Susan Angebranndt

Boryana Rusenova Ina, Art Access Gallery, Bexley

Kira Keck

Emily Winfield Martin – The Black Apple

Mark Mattson

Michele Maule

My Zoetrope – Michelle Cavigliano

Amy Neiwirth

Laura Owens

Clinton Reno

Steve Seeley

Chad Shepherd

Carolyn Slebodnik


Suzy Ultman

Emily-Kitturah Westenhouser – Umbrella Girl Productions

Do you have an art collection you would like to share? Please contact me at [email protected]


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