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YogaSix Opening Soon at Bridge Park

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire YogaSix Opening Soon at Bridge ParkPopular Dublin-area yoga teacher, Chan Hemintranont, will be teaching at the new Yoga6 in Bridgepark. Photo by Natalie Folchi of Folchi Creative.
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“It’s always a breath of fresh air,” said Brett Stahl, co-owner of the new YogaSix opening soon at 6784 Longshore Street in the Bridge Park development in Dublin, Ohio. Stahl is opening YogaSix with his wife Heidi, of Good Bodies Personal Fitness.

“In our state-of-the-art HVAC system the air is always filtered, and there is UVC lighting inside; it is a hospital-grade system,” he says.

Stahl and Lead Teacher, Jordan Turner Davis, gave a “hard hat” tour to Columbus Underground to show their special HVAC system and other plans.  Longshore Street features most of the shops and living units in Bridge Park. 

“We are close to North Market, the running and bike paths, … it’s all here!” says Stahl.

Founding member pre-sale packages for YogaSix will be available at a 25% discount thru October 14th and a VIP weekend will be be held for founding members October 15th thru 18th. A YogaSix membership may be used in any of the 13 YogaSix locations nationwide, including the three in the Chicago and one in Milwaukee. YogaSix is a nationwide group of independently-owned yoga studios noted for nice amenities including regular retreats and high-end teacher trainings.

YogaSix going in at Bridge Park
YogaSix going in at Bridge Park. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

Rebecca Vouis, Cara Unrue, Chan Hemintranont, and Marya Barrios are among the popular, local teachers hired by YogaSix to teach yoga in Dublin.  Emily Olsen will be the General Manager.

Besides the hospital-grade HVAC, the Bridge Park Dublin YogaSix studio room is well over 700 square feet, so it allows for good social distancing. The practice room will also have YogaSix’s signature cushioned floors and mirrors to help reduce joint pains and give good feedback.

“There will be a special introductory week of programs and prices, however, the Founding Member 25% discount for this location will only last through October 14th,” noted Turner.

Dublin’s YogaSix will open soon at 6784 Longshore Street in the Bridge Park. You can use YogaSix memberships on the Gold Coast or in Lincoln Park, Chicago among other locations.

For more information visit yogasix.com/location/dublin.

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