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Yoga Studio Namaste in Love Opening Soon

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Yoga Studio Namaste in Love Opening SoonA class inside Namaste in Love. Photo by Mike Murphy of FlashFit Photography.
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“I want to help people get through anything,” says Trisha Hoffman owner of the soon-to-open Namaste In Love yoga studio. “Whether it be grief, anxiety, depression … I can show them tools on the mat that they can carry off the mat.”

Trisha’s teacher, Josie Schweitzer of Thank Yoga, knows and agrees. “Trish is a true example of someone chasing her passion,” says Schweitzer. “Her teaching goes far beyond the physical practice. She has experienced life and is teaching from that place. It doesn’t stop on the mat for her; it continues in all that she does.”

“Family is so important to me,” says Hoffman, “They are my number one inspiration.”

Trisha Hoffman of Namaste in Love. Photo courtesy Trisha Hoffman.

Trisha Hoffman of Namaste in Love. Photo courtesy Trisha Hoffman.

Hoffman had a very close relationship with yoga and her brother, Todd, as they regularly practiced together at Thank Yoga Studio with teachers Schweitzer and Melissa Petty. Todd’s sudden death in 2014 was an enormous blow to her.

“I was devastated … just numb,” says Hoffman. To change her scene, she moved to Sarasota, FL and became an apprentice to SRQ Yoga owner Robyn Marin. Slowly, she recovered from Todd’s death with help of her other brother, Trent, and her parents, Dan and Peggie Hoffman, as well as her extended family in Reynoldsburg.

Trisha Hoffman. Photo by Dana Bernstein.

Trisha Hoffman. Photo by Dana Bernstein.

While many yoga teachers claim international yoga super-stars as their inspiration, in addition to her family, Hoffman credits her local Columbus yoga teacher for supporting her yoga journey and for the support to open her own yoga studio. The Columbus yoga community, like the local craft brew industry, has aspects of cooperation and not just competition. Hoffman was much inspired by Schweitzer and Petty.  Besides her many Thank Yoga teachers and friends, Hoffman also noted that, “I practically lived at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus over the past 18 months!”

Hoffman has also studied internationally especially with Ashtanga Yoga teachers. She received her yoga teaching certificate in Thailand after studying with Tink Bock and Samantha Vetrano. Hoffman has particularly enjoyed growing an Ashtanga Yoga practice as, “It changes everyday. Some days are better than others, but as long as I strive to be a better person everyday, the yoga is working.”

She feels that her brother Todd is still active in her life. “He always shows me signs that he is watching over me. The 32 [in her ‘Om’ logo] was his football number. Our new member special is $32 for 2 weeks unlimited.” Classes start Thursday, October 19, 2017.

Namaste in Love in Gahanna. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

Namaste in Love in Gahanna. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

Namaste in Love. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

Namaste In Love is on the main strip of Gahanna’s Creekside at 101 Mill St., Suite 106. For more information visit NamasteinLove.com.


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