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Yoga Six Celebrates Yoga Squad Rebrand with Free Yoga

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Yoga Six Celebrates Yoga Squad Rebrand with Free YogaYoga Squad in Upper Arlington. Photo by Nancy Alkire
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“We are moving in wonderful, and local, directions here in Columbus now,” says Allison Bush, manager of Upper Arlington’s Yoga Squad located across the street from the Lane Avenue Mall. Yoga Squad is a beautifully appointed studio with two rooms set up for hot yoga classes. They have a variety of yoga there, and some of the highest end amenities in Columbus.

yoga squad in columbus

Studio manager Alison Bush. Photo courtesy Yoga Squad.

“Now that we are Yoga Squad, we can make many more local decisions than we could before” noted Bush, “In a way, we are a lot like those traditional ‘mom-and-pop’ yoga studios.

Yoga Squad is the newly-created set of yoga studios, including Milwaukee and Chicago locations, that came about after the sale of Yoga Six’s Western locations to investors.

When it opened in Columbus, Yoga Six quickly became a go-to place for hot yoga taught in rooms with amazing HVAC systems that deliver fresh air as well as quality heat, and very high-end restrooms that include not only showers, but cell phone chargers in the lockers. They also hired many outstanding local yoga teachers, such as Laurel Hodory, who is on the staff of Yoga Squad doing programming and teaching.

“It is really exciting to be part of something new, but also something with such a good quality already,” said Bush.

On Saturday, October 20, there will be free yoga all day long.

For more information, visit yogasquad.com.

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