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Yoga on High Expanding with more Programs and Partnerships

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Yoga on High Expanding with more Programs and PartnershipsYoga on High's expanded space on Dennison Ave will provide more room for their healing arts classes and treatments. Photo by Nancy Alkire.
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The oldest full-spectrum yoga studio in Columbus, Ohio will be growing its already large presence downtown and beyond. Yoga On High is starting two satellite programs and projects opening February 2016 in an expanded space.

“We have been wanting more space for a long time.” Michele Vinbury, co-owner at Yoga On High said. “It serves our long term goal of service and healing and will help us streamline our processes.”

Refitting is underway to add two more rooms, a reception area, and a bathroom adjacent to Yoga On High’s second floor space at the blue-roofed commercial building, 1020 Dennison Avenue, at the corner of Starr and 3rd. Yoga On High has held workshops and special classes such as Aerial Yoga in this building for years, but the new rooms will double their space there, providing more room for their healing arts classes and treatments.

In addition to a classroom that will hold over two dozen students for yoga, the expanded YoHi will have a private room for Ayurvedic treatments and other bodywork such as massage and Reiki. This small room will also allow for private yoga lessons in the evening hours.



At 1020 Dennison, there will be a lot more parking for Yoga On High students and staff. The parking area at the 1081 North High Street location can be quite congested when parents are picking up their pre-schoolers at Little Dreamers Big Believers at 1077 North High. Clients will enter the stairs on the northwest corner of the building and go to a central reception/seating area with lots of cubbyholes and coat hooks as well as a retail space.

“We have many weekend workshops that people come to at this location,” mentioned co-owner Marcia Miller. “Now there will be some retail for them that wasn’t there before.”

A bathroom within the space will add to the convenience.

Vinbury indicated this expansion will not increase the drop in or current package prices at Yoga On High. They are scheduled to be in the new space in February. A grand opening celebration is planned.

The expanded space will be home for Yoga On High’s Ayurveda program now located in Grandview. Co-owner Jasmine Astra-elle Grace studied Ayurveda (Sanskrit for “life” and “knowledge”) at the California College of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is based on healing techniques including massage, herbal and diet therapies practiced in India for over 5,000 years. Jasmine is a certified cleansing or Panchakarma Specialist.

“This is something that Jasmine has always wanted to do,” said Marcia, “and all the pieces are now in place.”

Yoga on High is also creating new partnerships for yoga in the Westerville and Powell areas. They will offer yoga and Ayurveda classes at All Life Community near Delaware this month and in February.

Starting in February, Yoga On High will teach several mother-to-be and moms-with-babies classes at Step by Step Wellness, an extension of Step by Step Pediatrics where yoga practioner Dr. Mary-Lynn Niland practices pediatrics.

Yoga On High took Grow Yoga (formerly It’s Yoga) in Grandview under its wing in March 2013. Yoga students who buy passes at either location have a duel membership and full access to all classes in the Short North and Grandview. Yoga On High continues to have other classes in the community and to do philanthropic through the Yoga On High Foundation.

Yoga On High has grown a lot in the last 15 years: from 3 local women to now over 50 teachers, many internationally famous yoga guests, and now a larger space and more healing programs. Congratulations! For more information, contact Yoga On High, 614-291-4444.

Photos by Nancy Alkire.


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