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Yoga on High Finds New Owner

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Yoga on High Finds New OwnerJulie Perich, owner and CEO of Yoga on High. Photo by KT Knilans.
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Last month, Yoga on High was looking for a buyer. They have found one. Julie Perich will be taking ownership of the studio and is excited about the future.

“I am very excited about things. I love the community,” says Julie Perich. “And I am very excited to continue the legacy of Yoga On High.”

Perich is the new owner of the oldest yoga studio in Columbus. She is also the owner of an established fitness business, Dynamic Souls, in New Albany.

“As soon as I saw that Yoga on High was for sale,” said Perich, “I committed to buying the studio; I knew that this was going to be great thing.”

Yoga On High (YoHi) began over 20 years ago. The most recent owners, Michele Vinbury and Marcia Miller, oversaw many years of workshops with long-time yoga celebrities such as Rodney Yee, Richard Freeman, and Anne Douglas as well as newcomers such as David Keil. Three years ago, with the support of many donors, Yoga On High moved to its current location at 1020 Dennison Avenue which currently has 3 studio rooms for a wide variety of classes including aerial yoga.

“I want to keep all the things going with guest instructors, aerial yoga, and teacher training,” says Perich. 

Through a foundation administered by the Columbus Foundation, Yoga On High has long supported many charities and special programs such as yoga at the Marion and Marysville prisons, multiple sclerosis yoga, and yoga for wounded veterans. Perich wants to continue in that tradition.

“I am passionate about giving back to the community,” she says. She recently started a foundation to work in the mental health and trauma space. “Also, I have two twins born 2.5 months early, so I really want to give back to those needing neonatal intensive care.”

Former YOHI owners Marcia Miller and Michelle Vinbury are continuing to teach and hold space there. They expressed gratitude to the Yoga on High community for sustaining the studio during 2020 in an email. “In a year [when] so many yoga studios have had to close their doors, we are so grateful that YOHI remains strong.”

“I love the Yoga On High community and how close it is. It is a huge piece of the yoga and fitness world. I want to continue working with Marcia, Michelle and the other teachers. It’s all about possibilities now,” says Perich. “I am excited to get in there and get started helping people change their lives.”

Yoga On High is located at 1020 Dennison Avenue.

For more information, visit yogaonhigh.com.

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