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Yoga Loft Expands and Uplifts

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Yoga Loft Expands and UpliftsArm Balance Workshop at Yoga Loft. Photo by Karen Hudson.
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“Because of my body, I was really afraid of yoga. I finally got up the nerve to come to a yoga class here,” said a student at Yoga Loft on Saturday. “I come twice a week now and am loving it! I wish I’d started going here years ago, my back has never felt better.”

Yoga Loft owner, Katy Bruckelmyer-Huth, really appreciates it when beginners come to her studio and grow to love it.  

“I know very much how they feel,” she said. “Yoga Loft is a non-judgmental, welcoming place for all ages, shapes and abilities.”

Bruckelmyer-Huth has enjoyed putting her own friendliness into the spirit of the studio.

“I love coming into a room and hearing people chatting,” she said.

Students enjoy not only a variety of beginner-friendly yoga classes but community events such as Vinyasa and Vino sessions that cooperate with the Village Wine Shop on the first floor at 9280 Dublin Rd.  

“They made us a great holiday punch!” Bruckelmyer-Huth said.

Due to growing demand, Bruckelmyer-Huth and her whole family recently worked to expand their studio. They knocked down walls and redid ceilings together. Now with a much larger wooden-floored room and dormer windows giving light from the west, Yoga Loft is a cozy place on the second floor of the building.

“Everyone got into it, and my husband has been just awesome,” she said.  Her spouse, Matt, also designed the user-friendly website for the Yoga Loft.

As a nurse and mother of three, Bruckelmyer-Huth has had her share of stresses. Yoga helps teach mental calmness and flexibility, as well as physical strength. Recently, she had to put her mental stamina to the test as a negative comment about her weight showed up on Facebook under a photo of her doing a difficult handstand.

“It is just awful when a total stranger can say such harsh things in public,” noted Bruckelmyer-Huth. “Bodyshaming is such a terrible thing, and I have always been passionate that yoga is for any body and everybody.”

9280 Dublin Rd, Shawnee Hills, Ohio 43065
The Yoga Loft has expanded. Photo by Nancy Alkire.

The dignified and educational answer Yoga Loft posted garnered warm praise and comments from many supporters. Yoga educator Tara Powers, who has also experienced crude remarks about her body notes that, “This shows us how important the work of you really is.”  

The Yoga Loft now has room for bigger classes and workshops.

Yoga Loft is located at 9280 Dublin Rd., Shawnee Hills, Ohio 43065, (between Powell and Dublin), on the second floor. For more information, visit yogaloftohio.com.  

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