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Yoga Happiness Opening in Clintonville

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Yoga Happiness Opening in ClintonvilleBurgendie Miceli, owner of Yoga Happiness, opens her studio doors Sundays this summer for the special Open Studio hours. Check it out! (Photo from 2016 studio opening article.)
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“Yoga has done so much for me, and I want to share it,” said Burgendie Miceli, excited about hanging up her Yoga Happiness sign at her studio in Clintonville near the corner of Arcadia and Calumet. “We are having the official opening Saturday, January 16th.”


Burgendie Miceli practicing in her studio.

After many years in the IT business, Miceli decided to quit her full-time job in meaningful use medical records and open a yoga studio in her neighborhood. She grew up in Clintonville where for years her grandparents, the Darlings, had a law office and antiques store at the site of the Glass Thimble.

Miceli has developed contacts with many other business owners in Clintonville. She is partnering with Quail Crossings for “Vino and Vinyasa” from 12 to 2pm on January 23rd, and working with Dabble and Stitch next door to her studio on future workshops. Many residents in the area have had positive reactions.

“One guy said that he had promised himself that he would start doing yoga when he could walk to it, and here we are!” she says.

Also, Griffin Hollow Studio on Indianola did the laser etching for the sign designed by her partner, Aaron Ijams. Ijams is a digital painter and freelance graphic designer.

“He took just 3 hours to do draw exactly what I wanted to express, and he put in a little frog in the logo as a great shout out to my grandfather who just loved frogs,” says Miceli.




Introduced to yoga by her mother at the age of 12, Miceli has practiced yoga for over 20 years.

“She took me to some kind of class in a church that had lots of chanting and breathing,” she says. “It was weird and wonderful at the same time.”

As a runner, she found yoga was a great cross-training exercise and also that it kept her migraines at bay. “If I don’t practice, after three days, I can really feel it.”

While hyper-hot, high decibel, “kick asana” yoga is popular in Columbus, Miceli believes her niche is the gentler forms of yoga, such as Kundalini and pre-natal yoga.

“I do like the physical aspects of a vigorous practice like Ashtanga, but there is so much self-healing in slow, deliberate yoga.”

Miceli took her own practice to another level by doing teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation in California where she learned to integrate asana practice, physical therapy and other healing practices, and she hopes to pass on those lessons to her students.

“It was a lot about the ‘why’ of yoga and not just the ‘how’ of practicing.”

Another interest of Miceli is dealing with cancer.

“I have seen so much of it in my friends and their families.” She is bringing environmentalist and healer, Tara Muenz, here for a workshop on cancer and healing soon.

Miceli has set her drop-in fee at $15 and has reasonable packages available as well as a 20% discount for OSU students and staff. The Yoga Happiness studio is located in Old North Columbus at 219 Arcadia just up the street from Acre and near the end of Calumet. Visit on Saturday January 16, 2016 for all-day grand opening specials.

Burgundie Miceli, owner,  with the Yoga Happiness sign by Griffin Hollow Studios in Clintonville. Sign designed by Aaron Ijams.

Burgundie Miceli, owner, with the Yoga Happiness sign by Griffin Hollow Studios in Clintonville.
Sign designed by Aaron Ijams.


Yoga Happiness is located at 219 East Arcadia Ave., Columbus, OH 43202. For more information, call 614-446-2091 or visit yogahappiness.us.

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