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Yoga and the Sacred Shimmy of Tribal Dance

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Yoga and the Sacred Shimmy of Tribal DanceTribal Dance at Sacred Shimmy. Photo courtesy Sacred Shimmy.
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There are fake diamonds. There are real diamonds. Then there are those who show you how to see the sparkle in the dance of life regardless of the glass. Angie Never is one of those special kinds of teachers, and she has opened her own dance and yoga studio to share tribal dancing in Columbus, starting in June 2019.

“Our focus is to offer the highest quality instruction available in bellydance, yoga, and music classes,” says Never. 

The studio offers Sacred Shimmy Bellydance, Yoga with Angie Never, and Beat Science, with plans to bring in other skilled teachers and performers.

Never is a skilled yogini and devoted yoga teacher. After over 10 years of yoga practice and completing teacher training, she and Joyce Eubanks created the Yoga Enlarged program (now the Big Asana) at Yoga on High. Many of her students from that program have followed her for over five years.

“I just want to sing a song of gratitude for my yoga students, who have showed so much support to me,” she says. “They sold out my yoga classes for the whole first month at the new studio, which freed me from a lot of financial worry.  They show up happy to class and happy for me and have had great attitudes about the changes and growing pains I’ve asked them to follow me through. I’m so lucky I get to practice and learn with them every week.”  

A serious devotee of tribal dancing, Never enjoys incorporating fun musical instruments and sometimes swords! She has studied with many well-known instructors and participated in Fat Chance Bellydance and American Tribal Style. In June, the Sacred Shimmy will host Tribal University with Melody Bustillos (Amina) of Salt Lake City. Bustillos teaches tribal dancing all over the world. There is a full day of programming open to all for the Tribal University.  

Never is a teacher who really encourages her students to “own their practice” by suggesting they equip themselves mentally and physically for life outside the studio.  

“It was something I thought about a lot before opening the studio,” she says. “I could really ‘prop it up’ here, but I want students to be able to develop their own movements and routines. I suggest they invest in props that really serve them, I want them to keep coming back to their own mats, and I give them homework!”

Beyond classes in yoga and bellydancing, Sacred Shimmy is also a place for music and dance performances. Zach Beery, Musical Director for Sacred Shimmy, conducts Beat Science workshops, and Never is an accomplished accordion player.

Sacred Shimmy is located at 4875 Hendron Rd., Groveport, OH, 43125. For more information, visit angienever.com/sacred-shimmy.

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