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Yet Another Plan for Prominent Corner to be Presented

Brent Warren Brent Warren Yet Another Plan for Prominent Corner to be PresentedA rendering of the latest proposal, by Bass Studio Architects and BKV Group.
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The University Impact District Review Board (UIDRB) will soon weigh in on another proposal for the southwest corner of King Avenue and North High Street, continuing a saga that began last spring when St. Louis-based Collegiate Development Group first floated a redevelopment concept for the site.

According to documents submitted to the city in advance of the meeting – which takes place at 4 p.m. on Thursday, January 23 – the new plan calls for the preservation of the existing building on the corner, as well as portions of the Ohio Exterminating building on High and the row of townhomes on King. The submitted presentation also states that the developer would pay for the relocation of the former gas station building at 1331 N. High St.

The new plan comes about two months after a proposal to tear down all of the existing buildings on the site was presented to the UIDRB, where it was not well-received, according to minutes of the meeting.

The developer has argued in past meetings that, in order to preserve some of the existing buildings, a portion of the project will need to exceed the 72-foot height limit established by the zoning code.

The latest proposal features an 11-story tower that is 120 feet tall, with the rest of the building standing at six stories (or just under 70 feet). The development would hold 204 apartment units, 249 parking spaces and about 11,000 square feet of ground-level retail space.

Also on the agenda at this week’s meeting is a proposal for a new, greatly expanded Chabad House, on East 15th Avenue.

Both proposals are scheduled to be heard conceptually, meaning no vote will be taken.

For more information on the UIDRB, including agendas and submitted materials, see www.columbus.gov.

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