Yelp Columbus Announces $10,000 Give Back Initiative

Anne Evans Anne Evans Yelp Columbus Announces $10,000 Give Back InitiativeVote for a Columbus nonprofit to win a grant from Yelp! Through December 15, 2015.
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On Giving Tuesday, also known as December 1, 2015, Bryant Miller, Columbus Community Manager for Yelp shared news that Yelp has decided to take their annual giving to the local level and will be giving $10,000 this holiday season to Columbus nonprofits.

The Yelp Foundation began in 2011 and has since given $2.6 million to charity.

“This year we decided to really take it to the local scene,” says Miller. “We know the best way to impact communities is to support the local organizations making a difference there every day.”

Miller used the Yelp Foundation’s three pillars of ‘literacy, entrepreneurship, and freedom of speech’ to help choose the three nonprofits that will be supported.

“There are so many local nonprofits that I love,” he says. “I think Wild Goose Creative, ECDI, and Columbus Literacy Council fit the bill perfectly. I’m a big fan of what they do, and I’ve worked closely with all three before.”

Miller expanded on his choices:

For Wild Goose Creative, I believe in the power of art and artists, and I love that Wild Goose gives people fantastic experiences for free or very little money. I also know personally that they need some money to make necessary improvements to their space, and I’m thrilled that we can be a small part in that.

For ECDI (The Economic & Community Development Institute): Through Yelp, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many entrepreneurs who got their start thanks to ECDI. Each of them speaks so highly of the organization, they tell me how it has affected their livelihood. For instance, so many food trucks have an affordable commercial kitchen to do their prep, or Lily from Boline Apothecary was able to start one of my favorite local businesses with natural remedies and tinctures.

For the Columbus Literacy Council: I love the energy of Columbus Literacy Council. They’re bringing new and fresh ideas to help folks develop a skill that everyone deserves.

How the grants will work: The public is being asked to vote for their favorite nonprofit daily through December 15. The nonprofit with the most votes will be granted $5,000. Second place: $3,000, and third place: $2,000.

Narrowing the choices to three was difficult for Miller, as he knows first hand how much work often goes into being a part of a nonprofit.

“I’m lucky to be a small part of the nonprofit world with my work at Columbus SOUP, so I know the joy and excitement when someone recognizes your work and wants to award you a grant,” he says.

The Yelp Foundation giving local campaign, plans to award $750,000 in grants to nonprofits in 75 cities across the country, with the grants being awarded in January 2016.

To participate in the voting, visit

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