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Worthington Farmers Market to sell year-round

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Columbus Dispatch wrote Farmers to sell goods year-round

Saturday, September 15, 2007

By Alayna DeMartini

It won’t take long to find fresh basil in the Worthington’s farmers’ market, but it might take awhile to find a parking spot.

With so many drawn to the market in the summer, the city is making it a year-round venture. Come winter, the farmers’ market will carry apples stored after the harvest, potatoes and possibly carrots, herbs and spinach. There might even be flowers grown in a greenhouse.

From January through April, the market will run every other Saturday at the Griswold Center in downtown Worthington. Ohio has 141 summer farmers’ markets, including ones in most Columbus suburbs, but only nine that operate year-round.


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