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Worth Bakery Opens Pop-Up Shop

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Worth Bakery Opens Pop-Up ShopChocolate Almond Toffee — All photos via EatWorth.com.
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A new cottage bakeshop has arrived in Columbus, operating out of Olde Towne East. Andrew Worth, owner of one-man operation Worth Bakery, grew up watching his late mother bake. After pulling ideas and techniques from various cookbooks and his travels, he began baking from scratch. Friends and family encouraged him to take his popular hand-baked creations to the next level, and he ended up opening Worth last month.


In the past two years, Worth became frustrated with the quality of desserts in Columbus. He began Worth Bakery as a solution, making cakes, cookies, and other treats. He currently bakes on nights and weekends, in addition to holding a full-time job. He compares his customer service to commissioning a bespoke suit – you consult with him about what dessert you’d like, and he bakes it custom, as per your specifications. Worth is also well-versed in accommodating Paleo and gluten-free lifestyles, baking treats that won’t wreck a strictly followed diet. The end result is a seasonal, fresh creation made from high-quality local ingredients.

“I think people respect that they could easily get chocolate chip cookies from a grocery store, but appreciate the craftsmanship and time that goes into something made with the best-sourced ingredients from scratch,” said Worth.

Adhering to cottage food laws (no “refrigerator stable” foods like cheesecake, whipped cream, or perishable desserts) and making rustic, shelf-stable foods proved a great creative challenge to Worth. His menu consists of seasonal specialties and made-to-order dishes like his chocolate pistachio-lavender toffee, brown sugar hazelnut brownies, chocolate-nut loaf cake, and Liguarian olive oil, lemon and raspberry cakes, to list a few. He recently set up a pop-up shop at Old Familiar Barbershop for a Valentines Day weekend event. It turned out to be overwhelmingly successful, and ended in him selling out within a few hours.

Worth has applied for the 2015 Worthington Farmer’s Market, and plans to run more pop-up events with local retailers, like the one at Old Familiar. The next public event will be at the first Moonlight Market of the year, on April 11th along Downtown Gay Street. Worth will continue to operate as a home bakery at the moment, with eventual plans to secure a brick and mortar location.

“I love the open warehouse concept but also like the idea of small, compact retail spaces I’ve seen featured in places like Japan and my travels in Europe,” said Worth. “I’ll see where the rest of 2015 takes me and go from there!”

For more information, visit www.eatworth.com.

All photos via EatWorth.com.

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