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Woodland’s Backyard Installing Year-Round Volleyball Dome

Walker Evans Walker Evans Woodland’s Backyard Installing Year-Round Volleyball Dome
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Even during the mildest of winters, Columbus generally doesn’t have the type of climate that lends itself to year-round outdoor sports activities. Woodland’s Backyard wants to change that for local volleyball players, which is why they’re planning to install a seasonal dome enclosure next year that will keep the sport running during the winter months.

“Starting next fall, we’re going to dome the courts off half the year, so it can be 72 degrees in there in the middle of January,” explained Woodland’s co-owner Ed Hastie. “We’ll also be building a really cool outdoor bar that attaches to the dome.”

Hastie said that construction of the in-ground anchoring base will likely begin in the spring, but the 20-week build out period won’t see the structure being inflated until October or November 2018. He said that the structure should be large enough to hold six or seven sand volleyball courts under one roof.

In related news, Woodland’s Backyard may also begin hosting more live music concerts in 2018, as a trio of Park Street bar closures — owned by the same parent company — would shift the call for performance space toward the Grandview-area destinations.

For more information, visit www.woodlandsbackyard.com.

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