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Wonderland Gets Exec. Director: Adam Brouillette

Walker Evans Walker Evans Wonderland Gets Exec. Director: Adam Brouillette
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Press Release:

Adam Brouillette, local artist, community organizer and one of the founders of Wonderland Columbus, has been chosen by Wonderlandʼs board of directors to lead the project in the role of Executive Director. The offer was made to Brouillette following a unanimous vote of confidence from the board. His agreement to accept the position was finalized in a meeting of the boardʼs executive committee on Thursday, September 30.

As Executive Director, Brouillette will work closely with the board of directors and supervise all aspects of Wonderlandʼs development, from the capital campaign launch to building renovations, from organizational structure to the hiring of additional staff for the facility as the project progresses.

“Adam brings to the project an authentic passion for everything that is creative,” said board chair Brady Konya. “He has lived and breathed the promise of Wonderland since its earliest conception, and has acted as a conduit for our collective thinking on how to make Wonderland a reality for Columbus. His experience in working with the community to incubate and organize will be instrumental in our efforts to create a project that delivers both cultural and economic impact in a sustainable fashion. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have him as the head of our leadership team.”

“I’m excited to have the work I’ve been doing for the past several years culminate into such a dynamic creative experience and forward thinking project,” said Brouillette. “The ability to help shape the future of Columbus as a leader in creative culture is something to which I am passionately dedicated.”

Current construction plans call for the building to be open to the public at the beginning of 2012. Progress updates will be reported regularly at Wonderlandʼs website, www.wonderlandcolumbus.com, and via the projectʼs Facebook and Twitter pages.

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