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Wonderland Brings Community Up to Speed on Project

Walker Evans Walker Evans Wonderland Brings Community Up to Speed on Project
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Official news on the Wonderland project has been fairly quiet over the last few months, following July’s announcement that the project would be seeking a new home. Since then, the team behind the project has been working toward securing a new building and completing the process to secure their official 501(c)3 status in January.

Tonight, Wonderland’s Board of Directors held one of several events for contributors, friends and other members of the public involved with the project to get caught up to speed. Key events along the two-year timeline of Wonderland were explained, along with a detailed look as to how the group has generated revenue thus far and how it is being spent.

“By reaching out to the people who’ve worked with and supported Wonderland, we hope to spread the word that the project is on track and moving forward responsibly,” said Wonderland Board Secretary Melissa Starker.

The big announcement that many people are waiting for is the news of a new location for Wonderland, but that update will have to wait for another day. That deal is still in negotiation and Starker stated that while they’re working to move as quickly as possible, they must give the process it’s appropriate period of time to complete.

“After consulting with the full Board on how best to proceed, Wonderland’s officers recently started property negotiations,” she said. “I can tell you that we can’t wait to say we’ve found a home. And once a building is secured, much of the work BBCO did on the physical planning of the original space can be adapted to the new one fairly easily.”

Tonight’s event was seen as the first in a series of project review updates that will occur on an annual basis. Additionally, Wonderland is launching a more frequent communications strategy that will broadcast more regular updates on their website and through social media channels. Although any big announcements — such as securing a new building — will receive a more formal announcement when the time comes.

“When we hit the next milestone, we’re planning to share the news at a public event,” said Starker.

For more information, visit www.wonderlandcolumbus.com.


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