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Wonder Bread Lofts will be Home to Mixed-Use Redevelopment

Walker Evans Walker Evans Wonder Bread Lofts will be Home to Mixed-Use Redevelopment
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Three years ago, Wonder Bread closed their Columbus bakery located at 697 North Fourth Street in Italian Village. For a time it looked like the proposed Wonderland art studio redevelopment project would be located in this space, but those plans fell through last summer.

Since then, rumors have circulated that property owner Lykens Companies would be rehabbing the building to make way for a new residential development, and today we’ve confirmed that this project is moving forward.

The 70,000 square foot Wonder Bread building will be converted into 56 apartment units dubbed “Wonder Bread Lofts”. The building will also be home to a 2,500 square foot restaurant space, a 7,000 square foot event venue space, and the site will contain dedicated parking spaces for both residents and guests.

“These units will be developed as upscale apartments with condo style amenities,” said Kevin Lykens, owner of The Lykens Companies. “However, there’s no plan to convert to condos at this time.”

The unit mix will contain 38 one-bedroom units ranging from $850 to $1200, and 18 two-bedroom units ranging from $1200 to $1700.

“Supply is very limited in this section of Italian Village,” said  Lykens. “We are experiencing the highest demand we have ever seen.”

Work on the building began several days ago, signaling the start of a new era for this historic property.

“We are currently completing all of the final demolition and preliminary site work in preparation of the construction being fully underway,” said Lykens. “The old glass block windows and previously bricked-in opening are being reopened in preparation of the replacement industrial style sashes.”

Once construction is fully under way, Lykens is projecting a 12 month construction timeline to completion.

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