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Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Will Add Event Space This Year

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Will Add Event Space This YearPhoto by Lauren Sega.
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Wolf’s Ridge Brewing is on the road to expansion. The five-year-old brewery and taproom is absorbing the adjacent 3,700 square foot space on the northern side of their building. The first week of April, work will begin to build out an event room and kitchen. An opening is expected by late fall.

The space itself has been vacant for more than a decade, but Wolf’s Ridge co-founder Bob Szuter said that, already occupying 17,000 square feet, they’d never given thought to a purpose for the extra 3,700. That’s since changed as they look to grow the events side of the business.

Small parties have done well in the taproom, and they’ve limited how many they do, too, to maintain a good experience for everyone. But, a designated event room would allow them to host seated events with up to 80 people, and cocktail parties for as many as 120 people.

Wolf’s Ridge’s takeover will change up the aesthetic of the space, both inside and out. They’re adding more signage and two floor-to-ceiling windows to the Hickory Street-facing wall. In the dining room, it’ll look similar to the taproom with some slight deviations. Warm woods and exposed steel will make up the basic design. Central-Scenic, a local company, are making the tables for the dining room.

“We’re trying to attract new events, so it’ll be a basic event space,” Szuter said. “Upscale, but casual, not too busy — just a clean simple space with some character.”

It’ll have its own kitchen, too — the building’s third. This one will be used primarily for prep and event execution. As with their current events, those hosted in the new space will have their own curated menu conceptualized by chef Seth Lassak. Though menu specifics weren’t divulged, Szuter is anticipating a robust bill of fare.

“That space has been vacant since 2007. You can take a drive down Fourth Street, and it’s one of the few that’s still vacant,” Szuter said. “We’re excited to take it over.

For more information, visit wolfsridgebrewing.com

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