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Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Prepares for September 27th Opening

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Prepares for September 27th Opening
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Brewpubs are trending right now, and in the best possible ways. In Columbus, we’ve seen a recent upswing in the number of craft breweries, infusing the Ohio drinking scene with some much-needed energy, flavor, and passion.

But true brewpubs, establishments where both beer and fine cuisine are prepared at the same site, are still something of a novelty in Central Ohio, but that’s about to change thanks to a father-son team whose goals and dreams could not have lined up any better if they’d planned it from birth.

Alan Szuter has been making his own beer for over 10 years; his son, Bob, has always wanted to open his own restaurant. In true Captain Planet fashion, these two came together, and will soon launch Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, part brewery, part eatery, all family and heart.

“My dad’s been an avid home brewer for a long time, and I’ve always been in interested in having my own restaurant,” shares Bob. “When we found this space, we realized we had the capacity to do both, so we went for it. It’s been a lot of work, a really long process, but we think it’ll be worth it.”

The entire compound is 6,300 square feet, enough for the brewery side of the business (about 500 square feet), a malt cracking room, a restaurant space that seats 99 (around 1,400 square feet), a full basement, and storage space that could someday be converted into a tap room.

Upon entry at the 215 North Fourth Street dining room, there will be 3 large communal tables made of reclaimed hickory, as well as a bench that will run the entire length of the south wall, where customers will be able to look directly into the steel barrels storing their beers.

Four tops and two tops also add to the German Hall feel for which the Szuters are going. Their use of repurposed materials goes hand-in-hand with their commitment to both sustainability as well as the historic character of the building.

There’s also to be a bar and bar area inside Wolf’s Ridge where patrons will be able to enjoy local beers from 12 taps, permanently including three of Wolf’s Ridge concoctions: a Pale Ale, an IPA, and a Stout (there are plans in the works to add a Porter as well). Wolf’s Ridge will also focus on seasonal brews.

Chef Seth Lassak, a CIA-NY-trained chef will work closely with the Szuters to develop a New American menu to complement the brewery’s offerings. A long-time home brewer himself, Lassak’s menu will feature items like Stout Braised Baby Back Ribs, Hefeweizen Steamed Mussels, and Pale Ale Brined Olives.

“We want this to be a very casual but refined space, communal,” adds Bob. “We want to attract every type of individual, make them feel comfortable as they try new beer and new food. We want to just try and keep it fun.”

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing is aiming for a late September opening, so to track their launch and more, visit www.wolfsridgebrewing.com. [Edit: The opening date has been set for September 27th at 5pm!]

Photos by Ayana Wilson.

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