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Fall Guide to Local Music – Part 2

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Fall Guide to Local Music – Part 2Photo by Matt Ellis.
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It’s cold. We’re all cold. The wind is no longer giving us sweet butterfly kisses on our cheeks… it’s taking a machete to our faces. The sun is nowhere to be found, and standing outside with your friends to smoke a cigarette has proven to be an olympic game. It’s nearly winter, and snow is on the ground and ice is caked on our sidewalks.

These things I mention sound hostile and bitter, but as a matter of fact, I am stating these comments with love and excitement. With the upcoming winter brings the incentive to cuddle up with pets and loved ones as a fire is roasting, and a record fills the empty noise around you. This is the season that Radiohead, Elliott Smith and Grizzly Bear pumps through your veins and directly to your hearts. This is the only time of year where white dust makes a sparkled reflection in every corner of our little “Ohio world.” December doesn’t have to be Jack Nicholson in The Shining, it can be Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas. So, bundle on up, dig up your winter jacket, and head out for a night out on the town. Maintaining warmth is possible even if you leave your electric blanket and and head to a bar. With plenty of local shows coming your way, a brew and some dancing is just the tip to warm you up.

For the month of November and December, here is your list of a few (many) local shows hosted by wonderful bars and talented artists:

Spacebar | Friday, November 21st | 9 p.m. — Tree No Leaves (psychedelic, ambient rock), The Worn Flints (blues, psychedelic, folk rock), Bloody Show (punk, garage rock) and Terrestrials (blues-funk, jazz rock)

Victory’s | Friday, November 21st | 9 p.m. — DOMES (ethereal, post-punk psychedelic), Turtle Island (psychedelic, experimental, dream-pop, rock) and Conversion Delay (alternative/indie rock)

Ace of Cups | Friday, November 21st | 9 p.m. — The American Jobs (low-fi, ambient rock) Record Release w/ Connections (low-fi, indie-rock), Vacation (noise-pop) and Terrestrials (blues-fink, jazz rock)

Brothers Drake Meadery | Friday, November 21st | 10 p.m. — Playing to Vapors (alternative, progressive, indie rock), Anderson Cale (ambient, alternative, post-rock) and Fashion Week (indie rock)

Spacebar | Saturday, November 22nd | 9 p.m. — She Bears (indie/alternative rock), Teddy Boys (suicide/pop-rock), Yellow Paper Planes (folk, singer/songwriter)

Brothers Drake Meadery | Saturday, November 22nd | 9 p.m. — Carbon Tigers (alternative rock), Indigo Wild (indie/alternative rock), Fields + Planes (indie rock) and Molly Sullivan (low-fi, experimental folk)

Spacebar | Saturday, November 22nd | 9 p.m. — She Bears (indie/alternative rock), Teddy Boys (suicide/pop-rock) and Yellow Paper Planes(folk, singer/songwriter)

Double Happiness | Sunday, November 23rd | 8 p.m. — Teen Fiction (pop, electric-punk), Fine Animal (indie, dream-pop, chill-wave) and American Wrestlers (indie, pop rock)

Carabar | November 28th | 9 p.m. — Van Dale (alternative-rock), Bummers (beach/psychedelic/alternative rock), Sleep Fleet (garage, post-punk rock), and Brat Curse (alternative, punk rock)

Newport Music Hall | Friday, December 5th — Saintseneca (alternative, folk rock)

Kafe Kerouac | Saturday, December 6th | 9 p.m. — “An Evening with Columbus Songwriters” w/ Andrew Nielson,  Ron and Savanna Freeman (of Lost Orchids) Ryno (of Mr. Anderson), Lucas (of Playing to Vapors) and Friend

King Avenue 5 | Friday, December 12th | 8:30 p.m. — Mr. Fahrenheit & the Loverboys (Queen tribute band) and EYE (psychedelic)

Carabar | Saturday, December 13th | 9 p.m. — Mentalease (shoegaze, chill-wave, bedroom-pop) Album Release w/ The Wind and the Sea (ambient, alternative rock) and Bigshot(rock, psychedelic rock)

Spacebar | Saturday, December 13th | 9 p.m. — The Pleasant Tense (soul, funk, blues, rock) EP Release w/ Mary Lynn (alternative rock, singer/songwriter) and Dickie and the Dailys

Skullys | Saturday, December 19th | 9 p.m. — CD102.5’s Snow Much Fun Showcase (soul, funk, blues, rock) w/ Damn the Witch Siren (witch-rock, electro-pop), Gelatinous Cube (psychedelic, experimental rock) and The Pleasant Tense (soul, funk, blues, rock)

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