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Who is the Funniest Person in Columbus?

Chris Landauer Chris Landauer Who is the Funniest Person in Columbus?Photos by Chris Landauer.
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One study has shown that the average adult laughs just eighteen times per day. In a fast-paced, sometimes stressful modern world, this number seems wholly insufficient. Members of the crowd on Wednesday evening at the Columbus Funny Bone surely exceeded that laughter average as they watched eleven comedians each perform a few minutes of original material.

For the last five weeks, each Wednesday night, the Columbus Funny Bone has hosted a Comedy Talent Search to determine the funniest person in Columbus. Last night was the first of two semifinal rounds that was part of narrowing a field originally numbered at forty-eight comedians to what will be just twelve who will compete in the finals on April 30th, before eventually one is named the “Funniest Person in Columbus”. The winner will also receive $250 in cash and the opportunity to perform in front of a National touring act of their choice.

There are many different ways to draw a laugh, from witty one-liners to observational humor about everyday life. All eleven of the comedians generated laughs Wednesday night, each with their own style and delivery. The six comedians who advanced to the finals from this semifinal round, as determine by crowd applause, were Spark Tabor, Wonder Doug, Bobbie Dodds, Sommer Sterud, Dorian Vasquez, and Paul Bearer. Though each of the other comedians, Tom Plute, Marc Witt, James Marietta, Kyle Gordon and Chris Paugh, also brought laughter to the room. Adding to the evening, the MC of the show Chris Coen opened and closed the night with jokes, and entertained the crowd in between the sets of each competing comedian.

Tickets for the second semifinal round next Wednesday, April 23rd are $7. Tickets for the finals on Wednesday April 30th to crown the funniest person in Columbus will be $10.

More information about upcoming shows at the Columbus Funny Bone can be found at www.funnybone.com.

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