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April Fools Day: White Castle Launches Bath Product Line

Best of CU Best of CU April Fools Day: White Castle Launches Bath Product Line
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According to a press release issued by White Castle representatives, the company is planning to release a new line of bath and beauty products aimed at hardcore fans of the locally-based fast food chain.

“The 100-year-old family owned company says that on April 1, it will introduce three bath products created to look and smell like its famous Original Slider,” stated the release emailed to Columbus Underground.

The three launch products include “Bath Onions”, and “Scrub Patty” and a “Steamy Sheet Mask” with the following descriptions:

  • Bath Onions – Similar to bath bombs, White Castle’s bath onions are dissolved in a hot, freshly drawn bath, creating that soothing, one-of-a-kind aroma of steam-grilled onions.
  • Scrub Patty – This square loofah sponge has five holes, just like a Slider. Lather it up with body wash and it becomes a pampering at-home spa treatment. 
  • Steamy Sheet Mask – This moisturizing steamy sheet mask recreates the regenerative properties of White Castle’s world-famous steamed buns.

“White Castle says it created the Relax & Rejuvenate Bath Collection as a way to thank its passionate and loyal fans and help them create memorable White Castle moments in the comfort and privacy of their own homes,” stated the release.

For more information, visit www.whitecastle.com.

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