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White Castle Closing Short North Location (For Now)

Walker Evans Walker Evans White Castle Closing Short North Location (For Now)Photo by Walker Evans.
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If you’re craving a crave case, then tomorrow is your final day for a White Castle hook up in the Short North. The location at 965 North High Street will be closing its doors at the end of the day on Saturday, July 23rd. A sign posted on the window of the store is recommending that customers head to other locations at 1111 South High Street near Merion Village, 801 East Fifth Avenue in Milo-Grogan, or 4525 Kenny Road near Upper Arlington.

“Reflecting on the memorable moments that have happened ‘behind the Castle walls’ at 2nd and High in the past 48 years, we’re more excited still about what’s next and look forward to re-opening in a Castle that will be here for generations to come,” said Jamie Richardson, Vice President of Government and Shareholder Relations at White Castle.

The closure is a temporary one, as the new six-to-eight-story building that will replace the single-story restaurant will contain a new White Castle on the ground floor in addition to other retail space.

“Groundbreaking is scheduled for Monday, August 8 and the actual demolition will probably happen the following week,” stated Jeff Baur, Executive Vice President of Borror Properties, the developer of the new building. “We are hoping to be able to open in 12-15 months.”

For more information, visit www.whitecastle.com and www.borrorproperties.com.


Photo via Betsy Pandora.

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