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Where to Find Every ‘Suspension’ Park Sculpture

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Where to Find Every ‘Suspension’ Park SculpturePhotos by Taijuan Moorman, unless noted otherwise.
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Sculptor Jerzy Kedziora

In October, the Friends of Schiller Park unveiled “Suspension: Balancing Art, Nature, and Culture,” a sculpture series by Polish painter and sculptor Jerzy Kedziora, currently in exhibition around Columbus.

Twenty three sculptures can be found in a few locations, predominately in Schiller Park, where a majority of the sculptures can be seen along pathways and at various entrances. The exhibition will be on display through March 2020.

Check out photos of these unique, gravity-defying figures, with information on where to find some that are hiding in plain sight.

Over the Bar, found near the Schiller Park Recreation Center building
Over the Hurdle
Gymnast With Cudgels, near Jaeger Street and Stewart Avenue entrance
Gymnast With Balls
Duo, near Reinhard Avenue and Jaeger Street entrance
False Tone
The Last Show
Winged, at the South Third Street and Reinhard Avenue entrance
Broken Circle
Acrobat With Chair, Acrobat With Chair II at the Stewart Avenue and City Park Avenue entrance
Broken Rope, at the City Park and East Deshler Avenues entrance
Green Acrobat, near west side of the Schiller Park pond
Ruptured Voices. Photo by Bartek Kedziora.
Posthelenna, near the Actors’ Theatre Stage
Golfer, at the South Fourth Street and East Deshler Avenue entrance
Girl with Yo-yo, over the park parking lot entrance
Map marking where sculptures were to be located at time of German Village Commission meeting on Oct. 1, 2019. Actual installation sites may differ. Image via the German Village Commission.
With Discus, at Thurber Park
Charlie Chaplin With Ladder at Thurber Park. Photo by Anne Evans.
Duo With Chair in the Main Library atrium. Photo by Anne Evans.

Other sculptures can be found in:

  • Livingston Park (2)

Find more information on Kedziora on Instagram and on his website.

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