Where to Buy Hard to Find Pilea Plants in Columbus

Anne Evans Anne Evans Where to Buy Hard to Find Pilea Plants in ColumbusDiscover where to find a cute Pilea peperomioides in Columbus.
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Is a Pilea peperomioides, also known as Chinese money plant, pancake plant, (and UFO plant, lefse plant, missionary plant or mirror grass!) on your houseplant wish list? If not, it should be! It has become one of the most desirable houseplants due to how easy it is to care for, and for it’s fun, playful looks.

Originally from China, the Chinese money plant has been enjoying a surge in popularity on Instagram. With its flat pancake leaves, it looks great in photos.

So, where do you buy a Chinese money plant in Columbus if you don’t want to order on Amazon?

Craigslist is often listed as a resource for large plants, but a search on the Craigslist Columbus page mostly turns up silk plants, with a few real Aloe Vera plants.

Baker’s Acres Greenhouse and Garden Center is now open for the season and they carry pilea peperomiodes, as well as other popular houseplants.

“We carry tons of houseplants including all the popular ones and all the cool weird ones that are hard to find,” says Nick Baker, President of Baker’s Acres. “Popular ones include monstera, sansevieria, succulents (we have a huge selection of these, it’s one of our specialties), begonias, ficus, pileas and peperomias, ferns and pothos.”

Baker’s Acres is located just past New Albany. On Sunday, March 31 you can find Baker’s Acres at the Plants & Pints Popups at Seventh Son Brewing in Italian Village. (Additional dates are Sunday, April 28, May 12, May 19, and May 26). They will be selling Pilea peperomiodes for $10. They’ll also have a wide selection of houseplants, succulents, begonias and other odds and ends. Once the weather warms up, they will add annuals, perennials, veggies, herbs, and more.

where to buy a cute chinese money plant in Columbus.
Chinese money plants enjoy medium light from north or east windows and are pet-friendly.

“I think people love pilea peperomiodes because of the simplicity of it,” says Baker. “It’s generally an easy plant to take care of and it always feels great when your plant thrives.”

On how to care for your pilea peperomiodes, Baker recommends: “It requires bright indoor light or shade outside when it warms up. Water only when the soil gets dry and it’ll be perfectly happy.”

If keeping indoors, a north or east window will provide the right amount of light. Remember to rotate your plant to keep its growth even. Pilea peperomioides are very easy to propagate, so once you have one, you can have a bunch!

How to care for a Chinese Money plant

Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, Ohio, just 30 minutes north of Columbus, also has the hard to find Pilea peperomioides. You can buy it through their online shop, or visit their store, which promises “an immersive plant experience, filled with botanical oddities from around the world.” For $15, you’ll receive a plant that has about 8 leaves in a 3.5″ container.

STUMP carries the plant in both of their shops, located in Italian Village and German Village.

It’s available at Jewelweed, Downtown on Long Street.

“It’s a very attractive plant,” says Sarah Dixon, owner of Jewelweed Floral Studio. “When people come in they gravitate right to it!”

You can also find Pilea peperomioides at Oakland Nursery. They have small pots with one plant for $7.99 and a larger pot with about three plants for $14.99.

If you have cats and dogs, the ASPCA lists plants in the Pilea genus as non-toxic, and Pilea peperomioides should be safe.

Happy plant hunting!

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