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When it comes to pizza, central Ohio is square

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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This Week News wrote When it comes to pizza, central Ohio is square

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008


This is my call to anyone in central Ohio who has an answer: Why, dear God why, would you take a circular food and cut it into squares?

The whole point of pizza is that you can grab a slice on the go, or feed a whole crowd without need of plates. Cut a pizza into little squares, and you need a plate to hold your four-slice serving and a napkin to wipe the sauce off your hands.

I have to admit (and I know I’m creating a lot of enemies here), but I have not had a decent slice of pizza since I moved to central Ohio. There, I said it.

Until I find it, however, it’s Papa John’s to fulfill my pizza whims in Columbus, and when I do make it home to PA, I’ll be sure to insist on pizza for dinner. Pizza with a delicious crust cut into perfect wedges.


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