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What’s Your Favorite Beer? Joey Funtjar Edition

Walker Evans Walker Evans What’s Your Favorite Beer? Joey Funtjar Edition
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One of the longest running messageboard discussions here on Columbus Underground is about a popular topic that most everyone enjoys: beer. For over five years, our readers and regulars have been contributing their recommendations to the 50+ pages of favorite brews. That can be a lot of data to wade through, so we asked five of those regular readers to single out some of their favorite picks of the moment for Beer Week 2013.

Here’s Joey Funtjar’s top three picks:

An Ode to Budweiser

I’m not sure words can adequately describe this undisputed King of Beers. Much like when Jerry Maguire tells Dorothy “You…you complete me” theres this unspoken almost esoteric relationship with that most patriotic of amber bottles. Upon first sip of this crisp refreshing American Lager you’ll feel at home, it’s loving embrace washing over you like a wave of liquid stars and stripes. While microbrews have their place and time, anytime is Budweiser time.

Really, it’s hard to pick just three favorite beers. I really did have to toss Budweiser in here though, just to remind folks that beer doesn’t necessarily need to be approached with the seriousness of a sommelier… it’s beer. You should always drink what you like and keep an open mind.

Columbus Underground is celebrating Local Beer this week, brought to you by our friends at Savor Growl. All this week we’re featuring articles on breweries, beer shops, tastemakers, growler fill stations and more!

Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen

For my number two pick, I have to go with a Marzen from one of my favorite beer producing countries, Germany. The Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen is my favorite example of the style with a medium body, slightly sweet aroma, malty hops with a clean dry finish. Fall is absolutely the best time of year to enjoy this brew, but sans the spices of more commercial “Oktoberfest” beers. It’s good year-round.

Uncle Rusty – Columbus Brewing Company

For my third pick, let’s go with a new one I tried this year at The Tavern in OTE — the Uncle Rusty from Columbus Brewing Company. It’s an American Amber/Red Ale with a hefty 8.5% ABV. To say it’s a full bodied beer is to be polite, this is a monster of pint… deep, dark red and copper. Notes of pine and citrus backed with caramel. Fantastic balance of hops and malt. Use sparingly.

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Photo by Logan Miller of www.LCMphoto.org.

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