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What’s Your Favorite Beer? Jason Lucas Edition

Walker Evans Walker Evans What’s Your Favorite Beer? Jason Lucas Edition
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One of the longest running messageboard discussions here on Columbus Underground is about a popular topic that most everyone enjoys: beer. For over five years, our readers and regulars have been contributing their recommendations to the 50+ pages of favorite brews. That can be a lot of data to wade through, so we asked five of those regular readers to single out some of their favorite picks of the moment for Beer Week 2013.

Here’s Jason Lucas’ top three picks:

Columbus Brewing Company’s IPA

Local, fresh, delicious, pours a nice hazy orange color. The smell is citrusy, big on grapefruit and mango. The taste, more grapefruit here, along with hints of apricot. This is a big hoppy IPA that all Columbusites should be proud of!

Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA

Another Ohio company, Fat Head’s IPA pours a nice copper color; leaves you a super thick lacy head that really clings to your glass. The intense pine and citrus smell of hops is just what you get with the taste. One of the best IPA’s I’ve had.

Columbus Underground is celebrating Local Beer this week, brought to you by our friends at Savor Growl. All this week we’re featuring articles on breweries, beer shops, tastemakers, growler fill stations and more!

Great Lakes’ Lake Erie Monster DIPA

I might as well keep the Ohio theme going here. This is a double IPA that drinks really easily. A lot of times I find the double IPA’s to be a bit too boozy but this one maintains the hoppiness that I crave. Just another great beer made in our home state.

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Photo by Logan Miller of www.LCMphoto.org.

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