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What exactly is the new Swash Store at OSU?

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Driving up High Street the other day, I noticed a new store had opened on campus called “The Swash Store”. I didn’t really get a good look at what it was, but the logo caught my attention (because the font used ironically contains no swashes).

Today I noticed this post on cmhindependent that has a photo of the new store as well as a description reading “Tide product that allows you to rewear clothes”.

Wait, what? That’s a store?

Yep. According to SwashItOut.com you can visit The Swash Store at 15th and High in Columbus Ohio, or purchase the products online.

It seems like Columbus is still a test-market town after all. I’ve never heard of this type of product earning its very own store, but I guess setting up shop at the largest university in the country is probably as good of a spot as any to test the waters on convenience products that offer an alternative to doing laundry.

So… anyone get a chance to check this place out yet?

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