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Pop-Up Project will Transform RiverSouth Alley to Pedestrian Space

Walker Evans Walker Evans Pop-Up Project will Transform RiverSouth Alley to Pedestrian Space
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In just a couple of weeks, an underutilized alleyway in the RiverSouth neighborhood will take on a new life as a temporary pedestrian-centric outdoor amenity space, thanks to Transit Columbus — the same group that is currently installing the Parklet Project on Gay Street. Starting on June 9th, the block of West Cherry Street between High and Front Streets will transform with new signage, planters, seating, and more.

“For decades, communities have shaped public space and streets around the car,” said Transit Columbus Board Member and project organizer Jess Mathews. “We have the ability to make different choices and this is what Transit Columbus has been spearheading for the past two years. We work hard advocating for a 21st-century transportation network for the Columbus region, we also believe some streets can be destinations — comfortable places for people.”

Once open, West Cherry Street will host a variety of programming, including a biweekly interactive marketplace called “Cherry Sundays”, a mural painting event with local artist Rebecca O’Neil during the Arts Fest, and a Visual Artists night featuring short films.

“The idea is for this memorable space to be seen and used in a variety of ways — just like public spaces should be,” added Mathews.

While the conversion of Cherry Street will come and go this summer, Mathews said that a more permanent installation is already in the planning stages. During stakeholder meetings with nearly a dozen private developers and public organizations, she discovered that the efforts by Transit Columbus were actually becoming more of a trial run.

“I found out that West Cherry Street has been part of a larger, long-term vision in which all of these partners have hopes to transform it into a permanent pedestrian public space from High Street to Civic Center Drive,” she explained. “So, this two month public engagement project is the first phase of that conversation.”

For more information, visit www.placemakes.org.

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