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Weinland Park Kroger in line for a renovation

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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ColumbusRetroMetro wrote Weinland Park Kroger in line for a renovation

Posted by Paul Bonneville

September 12, 2007

This is just a small sound bite to pass on something I picked up at the Short North Business Association’s monthly meeting last week:

Sounds like plans for a major renovation for the Krogers at 1350 N. High St. in Weinland Park is moving forward. The timeline wasn’t clear but one of the details that stuck in my head was the fact that they will be moving the building to be perpendicular to High St. with the parking lot being adjacent to King Avenue.

So as opposed to the building being set 100+ feet from the street, one of its facades will actually be on High Street which will help to close up the gap to a certain degree that exists today.


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