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Weinland Park Development Plans Moving Forward

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  • Sumo

It’s almost spring and the happy sounds of economic development fill the air in Weinland Park.

The plans for the new Kroger at 7th and High are moving through the University Area Commission review board and the City permitting process. Pictured (PDF) is the most recent Kroger incarnation. The building will be sited where the parking lot is currently located.

The Columbus Coated Fabric site is about to have the concrete pads and foundations removed. The concrete will be ground back into aggregate for reuse. This phase will take about two months. Grant Ave will be closed again when the contractors start the grinding. There is some subsurface remediation that will take place at the same time. It remains to be seen whether the grinding will drown out the sounds of construction on the Jackson or vice versa.

Next stop, infrastructure.

Although it’s been seeing some action the building complex on the northeast corner of 5th and N. 4th is not being redeveloped at the present time. (This does not include Woody & Joe’s, Weinland Parks premier BBQ experience, and a separate lot) The work that has been going on there is to scrap out the metal inside. If anyone is looking for a development opportunity this is your chance to move in before it gets wildly popular.


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