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Weinland Park Area Profiled in Today’s Dispatch

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The slowly transforming Weinland Park area located immediately southeast of The Ohio State University just got a big neighborhood profile feature in today’s Dispatch. The article spends most of the time detailing the problems the area faces with crime and poverty, but does make a small mention of some of the ongoing revitalization efforts, which include:

  • The redevelopment of the Weinland Park Kroger
  • The cleanup of the Columbus Coated Fabrics site for housing development
  • New retail development along High Street
  • The removal of Section 8 Housing on 11th Avenue
  • Discussions on making Fourth and Summit streets two-way
  • Expansion of the South Campus Gateway

Weinland Park also has the distinction of being tied for the highest walkscore with Victorian Village. If you haven’t taken a look at the Weinland Park Neighborhood Plan (PDF) in awhile, then perhaps today is a good day for a refresher.


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