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Wedding Style: Valerie and Talcott

Anne Evans Anne Evans Wedding Style: Valerie and Talcott
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Valerie Wuchter and Talcott Starr, married November 10, 2012.

When you have a beautiful and raw space for your wedding, sometimes the hardest part is editing your own ideas. Valerie (Wuchter) and Talcott Starr were looking for a space that let them do whatever they’d like for their wedding last fall and 400 West Rich was perfect.

“400 West Rich not only accommodated us, they encouraged us!” says Valerie Starr. “Plus, the room was gorgeous. We both loved the raw industrial look, and it was a good open space for all of our guests.”

Skylights filled the room with beautiful late-fall light and when combined with the industrial feel of the space, the couple had the perfect backdrop for their wedding.

“Looking at the room was a bit like looking at a blank sheet of paper,” she says. “We could fill it with anything, so we wanted to fill it with everything. The challenge wasn’t in figuring out what we could do, so much as narrowing down the possibilities.”

They spent a year planning their wedding to the theme, “Valerie and Talcott are huge dorks.” Everything was highly personalized. Blue and vivid orange colors were used throughout.

“This was the biggest party we will ever throw, and a celebration of our love and relationship, so we dispensed with any traditions that didn’t feel right, and made sure that any and every part of our ceremony and reception reflected our personalities,” says Starr.

The couple met over Twitter.

“Talcott had made a comment to a mutual friend about his cats and how he needed to find a crazy cat lady,” says Starr. “I saw it and responded, since I pretty much am a crazy cat lady, and we were soon talking on there. A few weeks later, we met in person at a Christmas party, then on New Year’s Day he invited me over to look at some old books, and we’ve been together ever since.”

The unity candle was filled by the Candle Lab with scents that matched their first few dates – evergreen trees to represent gin, champagne for moscato, and fresh rain for snow.

The bride wore an extreme alteration of the dress her grandmother made by hand for her own wedding in the 1940s.

“I am more petite than my grandmother was,” says Starr. “I had the size altered by Maube Mor of The Fitting Image. My mom helped me trim the shape of the dress into a tea-length skirt with capped sleeves. We dyed it powder blue and added orange crinoline to the skirt.”

To complete her wedding look, Starr wore the dress under a sky-blue overdress, a brown leather corset from Harlots & Angels, and a bright orange cape. Her hair was done into a simple ponytail which she dyed blue at the base and faded into a vivid orange.

She carried two giant orange and blue silk daisies in her bouquet.

“The stems were as tall as I am,” says Starr. “Lots of people were talking about the “Dr. Seuss flowers” at my wedding.”

The groom wore a brown suit in a classic style.

Ring designs were inspired by video games – Minter & Richter crafted titanium bands, each with two solid inlay rings, one of blue and one of orange, inspired from Portal. Engagement rings are interlocking Lego bricks cast in silver from Etsy vendor rubygirl.

The cake was also inspired by a game, The Settlers of Catan. Stephanie Fisher, pastry chef and friend of the couple, made cupcakes based on the tiles of the game. Each tile -representing forests, mountains, riverbeds, fields, and pastures- had a different flavor. Cake toppers of the couple were made by Talcott’s father and based on meeple figures from the game Carcassonne.

Each guest received a pair of meeples and miniature portal rings to remember the wedding.

“Because we did this all ourselves -with a lot of help from our friends- there wasn’t any part that did not fit us completely,” says Starr. “Our favorite part was how personal it was.”

For the honeymoon, the couple enjoyed a stay at a hotel downtown, playing board games, watching movies, and relaxing.

Wedding Details:
Ceremony and Reception Venue: 400 West Rich

Bride’s attire: Alterations by Maube Mor of The Fitting Image . Brown leather corset from Harlots & Angels.

Groom’s attire: JCPenney.com

Rings: custom design by Minter & Richter

Engagement Rings: Rubygirl

Invitations: Handmade and inspired by Doctor Who

Officiant: Dan Mushalko

Cake: Cupcakes by Stephanie Fisher

Unity Candle: The Candle Lab

Photography: Matt Wagner. All photos provided by Matt Wagner. Email Matt.

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