Wedding Style: Ruth and Jake

Anne Evans Anne Evans Wedding Style: Ruth and JakeRuth Howard and Jake Wilch during their outdoor summer wedding ceremony.
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Ruth Howard and Jake Wilch, married February 2015 and here on July

Ruth Howard and Jake Wilch, married February 22, 2015 and celebrating here on July 11, 2015.

Ah, pizza. A date night staple, and one that can be so romantic and fun. Especially at Bono Pizza, where couples are getting engaged on a regular basis over tasty handcrafted pies. Bono Pizza owner Jake Wilch wooed Ruth Howard for weeks, and when they finally got together, it was as if they were always meant to be.

“She was attracted to my friendliness, and I was very attracted to her beauty and smile,” says Wilch of how they met.

Howard goes into more detail about their courtship:

Jake and I met met when I was coming home from work, I had just moved into the town houses across the street from his business Bono Pizza. At the time, Bono Pizza was inside of a convenience store. It was a great little setup at the time… I went into the store to buy some wine… Jake asked me if I wanted to try his $10 pizza, I said teasingly ‘if they are $10 must not be too good.’ Every day he would wait for me to get off work, go to the convenience store, and ask me to come over to try his pizza. It took me eight weeks before I actually went into Bono’s. I didn’t know his name; we would flirt with each other without knowing each other’s name. It was great, very endearing. Jake was always a gentle spirit, I would look out my window to see if I could see him. Then, I would walk over to the store just to see his amazing blue eyes. They really suck you in. He always asked if he could walk me home, I said no at first. Then in late June when he asked to walk me home, I said yes. Jake walked me to my door, kissed me on my right cheek, said good-night and walked back across the street back to Bono’s. We didn’t have a real kiss until almost six months, then Jake kissed me and we’ve been together ever since.

The couple dated for about two years before marrying on February 22, 2015 at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. After the ceremony, the couple enjoyed a wine and appetizer hour with family and friends at Bono Pizza before heading to a formal but fun dinner at Logan’s at Easton.

Later that same summer, the couple planned a wedding ceremony during a family reunion held for Wilch’s side of the family, on Wilch’s aunt’s estate in Findlay, Ohio, among lush Willow trees and a sparkling lake.

“We enjoyed a very beautiful cake with lots of gorgeous flowers from his mother’s and his aunt’s garden right by the lake,” says Howard. The cake was a three-layer red velvet made by Wilch’s sister-in-law Meridian.

The bride wore a vintage dress of floaty cream chiffon with a band of small flowers adorning her hair. Her bouquet of blush pink and red flowers popped with color against the neutral of her dress. Howard’s makeup and hair was done by her sister Gloria.

Twinkling lights and flowers finished off the outdoor celebration. The couple wrote their own vows and exchanged them while Stevie Wonder’s Moon Blue softly played in the background.

“Jake is one of the most romantic guys I know,” says Howard. “I always come home to beautiful flowers or small boxes of candies. He loves to surprise me with a great night out, which we don’t get often.”

One of their most memorable dates was enjoying dinner at Aab India and then seeing a Cirque du Soleil show. They also enjoy dining at Rigsby’s. For every day, they love to share pizza at Bono Pizza (of course), and they also enjoy Roosters, and Asian Gourmet.

Howard came to Columbus from Chiefland, Florida, with her father, and Wilch moved here from Upper Sandusky, Ohio. They feel Columbus is the perfect place to spend their life together and enjoy all life has to offer.

“Columbus has great activities, dining, and friends,” says Wilch. “I love the small city feel, and enjoy growing my business in one of the best cities there is.”

The couple enjoyed an early fall honeymoon in Las Vegas.




Photos provided by the couple.

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