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Wedding Style: Jamesion & Charity

Anne Evans Anne Evans Wedding Style: Jamesion & CharityCharity Martin-Via (now Martin-King) and Jamesion K. King's fall wedding at the Bethany Presbyterian Church in the Historic King Lincoln-Bronzeville District.
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Jamesion K. King and Charity Martin-Via, married September 17, 2017.

Jamesion K. King and Charity Martin-Via, married September 17, 2017.

Painting a new picture of life together was the overall vision for Charity Martin-Via (now Martin-King) and Jamesion K. King’s wedding on September 17, 2017. The couple wed at Bethany Presbyterian Church in the Historic King Lincoln-Bronzeville District.

“We chose the space due to its quaint architecture and traditional feel,” says Martin-King. “The church does a lot of outreach in the neighborhood and we also wanted to be in a space that cared about the community.”

Beautiful natural light filled the space. With guests dressed all in white and the wedding party wearing gray and black, the bride’s stunning hand-painted gown reflected Martin-King’s identity as an artist.

“I knew I was going to paint the dress,” says Martin-King. “I don’t believe in all-white dresses and the idea of purity; I didn’t want to do anything traditional at all.”

Martin-King chose the second dress she tried on during a visit to Joan’s Bridal Couture.

“As long as the fit was good, I wasn’t worried about overall style,” she says. “However, it was rather expensive as is, and I had a LOT of anxiety about painting it.”

“The white worn by the guests symbolized my husband and I’s blank canvas as we painted a new picture of life together,” she says. The couple created a ‘unity canvas’ and poured colors to symbolize their union, the bride choosing green for its vitality and growth, the groom choosing black for its strength and leadership.

Charity Martin-King surrounded by her Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. sisters during a Sorority Serenade.

Charity Martin-King during a Sorority Serenade. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

In addition to an artist and entrepreneur, Martin-King is a dedicated basketball coach in the Columbus City Schools District. She has led teams to District and City Championships and has been awarded multiple Coach of the Year titles. It was during a basketball game at Eastmoor Academy in February of 2015 where the couple’s story begins…

This is the story on how I met the love of life. On a winter night in February 2015, I was heading to officiate a basketball game at Eastmoor Academy. My eyes witness a beautiful mocha-complexioned woman with a smile that lit up the gymnasium. The first thought that came across my mind was ‘she’s my wife.’ I paid close attention to her coaching style and how she interacted with her players. Needless to say, the game was a blow out. After the game I asked the Athletic Director if Coach Via was single. He replied, ‘I think so.’ I told him to tell her an official asked about her. I didn’t have Eastmoor on my schedule the rest of the season, so I didn’t know when I would see her again. Faith stepped in on the weekend of June 19th of 2015. I was refereeing at the OSU girls summer team camp at the Schottenstein Arena. As I was walking around wasting time before my next game, I saw Coach Via seated alone high in the stands. I told myself.. here’s your chance, don’t let it slip through your fingers. I started a small conversation which lead to us talking for about 30 minutes. At the end of our conversation, I informed her I was the referee that asked about her more than four months ago. Charity gave me the most beautiful smile and softly said ‘I am single.’ I asked her out on a date. Our first date we spent eating and getting to know each other. During this conversation I realized she was a special and extraordinary woman. From that moment forward she has been everything I asked GOD for in a life partner. I am blessed to have Charity in my life. She has helped me reach my level. -Jamesion K. King

Martin-King does recall the conversation she and her Athletic Director had had that night. However, she had her hands full with preparing her son for college, coaching, and working a full-time job.

“Dating was one of the furthest things on my mind,” she says. But during that Team Shoot-Out at Ohio State, as she sat high in the stands to focus her mind while her team stretched and prepared, a referee called for her attention.

“He was sitting, lacing his sneakers across from me and said, ‘Excuse me, do you remember me?'” recalls Martin-King. “Trying to be polite, I said ‘no.’ He said ‘I’m the official who asked about you months ago, I refereed one of your games.’ I didn’t remember him at all. I did however remember the conversation my Athletic Director had with me. I explained that I don’t pay attention to officials, especially when coaching. He laughed and wasn’t swayed. I was skeptical and dismissive but he insisted on taking me to dinner. A few weeks later, we met over wings at Roosters, because after-all, I wanted to see the games. I was glad he did too. From then on, he’s been a great friend. He’s a patient and compassionate man who doesn’t mind sharing me with my many interests. Our friendship has obviously grown over the past few years. I appreciate his sense of humor and willingness to try new things.”

It was during a trip to West Palm Beach, Florida, when King proposed. It was a complete surprise to Martin-King. King had breakfast in bed sent to their room, consisting of plates of strawberries with the question, “Will you marry me?” written in chocolate.

“He then proceeded to get down on one knee and patiently awaited my answer,” says Martin-King, who said yes. Then the real breakfast began with a garden omelet and all of her favorite sides.

“The entire staff of the hotel knew he was going to propose,” she says. “I was clueless!”

The reception was held at The Graystone Wine Cellar.

“It’s stunning without any added décor,” says Martin-King. To round out the monochromatic tones, the couple added fresh, bright tropical florals in glass vases.

“With all of our guests in white, the beauty of the venue stood out even more,” she says.

As did her dress. Martin-King had painstakingly blended a palette of colors made of upholstery/fabric spray paint over the course of three weeks to embellish and personalize her dress.

“I wanted the dress to showcase the colors of the birds of paradise and to look like flames,” she says. “The flames symbolized a marriage full of passion and the celebration of individuality and creativity.”

The couple honeymooned in South Carolina’s Surfside Beach where they enjoyed fresh seafood and lots of quality time.

Charity Martin-Via (now Martin-King) and Jamesion K. King's fall wedding at the Bethany Presbyterian Church in the Historic King Lincoln-Bronzeville District.

Wedding Details

Ceremony Venue: Bethany Presbyterian Church in the Historic King Lincoln-Bronzeville District

Reception Venue and Food: The Graystone Wine Cellar

Bride’s and Groom’s Attire: Joan’s Bridal Couture

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup: By the bride. A curl set with jewelry to accent her natural dreadlock style.

Wedding Rings: Jared

Officiants: Charity’s brother: Minister Michael Martin, and Charity’s Pastor: Stanford Crockett Jr.

Invitations: Bride’s designs

Wedding Cake: Kennedy’s Kakes by Adrian Jones

Favors: Small jars of honey with butterfly décor perched on the side. The card read ‘Thank you for Bee-ing here with me and my honey’

Wedding Song: Quan Howell, national recording artist, sang their wedding song, ‘It’s You” by KEM as the bride came down the aisle.

DJ: DJ Rich Nyce

Photography: Butchie Washington Photography Send Butchie Washington Photography an email.

All photos provided by Charity Martin-King.

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