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Wedding Style: Doug and Todd

Anne Evans Anne Evans Wedding Style: Doug and Todd
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Doug Motz and Todd Popp, married August 15, 2011, celebrated November 11, 2011.

Todd Popp and Doug Motz legally married in New York City on August 15th, 2011 and wanted to have a ceremony in Ohio with their family and friends.

“Doug had proposed on November 11, 2010 and we were to be married in Ohio on November 11, 2011,” says Popp. “We considered a lot of different venues – some were larger, some smaller and neither of us could make a decision. Having a date, combined with location availability helped ‘encourage’ us to make a decision.”

The couple chose The Columbus Athenaeum to welcome one hundred guests for their ceremony and reception.

“It was right in the heart of downtown which was important to us and it offered the right balance of old-world architectural grandeur, planning support, food options, parking availability and most of all – flexibility!” says Popp. “Once we made the decision to work with The Athenaeum, it all just fell into place very easily.”

The Athenaeum is a grand old space and since it was once a Masonic Temple, there was something inherently “masculine” about the architecture,” says Motz. “On top of that, the better part of the actual furnishings are original to the building so it had a terrific “clubiness” to it without being fussy or pretentious.”

Even though there were five different wedding parties going on in the building that evening, the team at the Athenaeum spaced the parties so each felt they had the building to themselves.

The couple’s celebration had an art deco/old Hollywood theme and they spent the most time creating the perfect invitation to announce it. Peabody Papers in Grandview worked with them to craft the invitation.

“We worked with their design team to create an announcement and invitation that was in keeping with that art deco/old Hollywood theme,” says Popp. They added a small drawing of a set of leaves and a small acorn drawn by their friend David Pacheco to give it a personal touch.

“Doug likes acorns and we wanted to incorporate the motif into our wedding,” says Popp. “David is an amazingly talented designer and artist who has worked in every creative capacity for the Walt Disney Company. The drawing he created was used as the title page illustration for the book, “Bambi- The Sketchbook Series” as well as our wedding invitation.”

Each groom wore formal attire of white dinner jackets, black pants, and bow ties.

“Both of our Fathers wore classic white dinner jackets and so we probably unconsciously took a cue from them,” says Popp. “We wanted to maintain an old-Hollywood classic and clean look.”

They each also wore meaningful cufflinks. Popp’s were Sterling Silver skeleton keys from Tiffany & Co. that Motz proposed with.

“He has the key to my heart,” says Motz.

Just before the wedding, Popp gifted Motz with his grandfathers’ cufflinks. “Todd’s grandfather and I were very close and he had passed away a few years ago, so it was very much like Grandpa Hill was with us in some small way,” shares Motz.

Floral arrangements were created by Bart Krogman of FLOURISH bespoke.

“We wanted something masculine, seasonal and unique,” says Popp. “Bart and his team of designers were able to create something truly wonderful and we couldn’t have been happier!” For the grooms, Krogman created beautiful fiddlehead boutonnières.

Rings were simple gold bands engraved by hand with a deco-inspired star on each by Diamonds & Designs by None Other Goldsmiths. – we selected simple gold bands hand engraved with a deco-inspired star on the top of each.

“The star design we selected is an element of the logo from our jewelry business, PoMoGalaxy.com,” says Popp. “It’s very simple, very clean and we love it!”

The Athenaeum did a wonderful job with the food for the evening. Appetizers included a Meatball Bar, Brie Bites with Raspberry, and Spanakopita. For dinner, the couple chose to serve Italian Wedding Soup, Oven Roasted Vegetables, Ginger Glazed Carrots, Caesar Salad, and a build your own Potato Bar with Sweet Potato Soufflé, Mashed and Baked Potatoes and loads of fixings. For the dinner entrée there was a Top Round serving station as well as Lemon-Rosemary Chicken.

The signature drink was  the “Mound Street Mule,” served at the Jury Room.

“It’s our favorite drink in town,” says Motz.

The cake was decorated with handcrafted sugar flowers, leaves, and acorns. Jan Kish, of ‘la petite fleur’.

“Jan’s cakes are pieces of art and taste as good as they look!” says Motz.

“It turned out incredibly beautiful,” says Popp.

For favors, the couple had two LEGO mini-figure grooms made in their image, standing on a white brick imprinted with “Todd & Doug 11 11 11.” It combined their love of miniatures and was a fun and personal touch.

“Our wedding wasn’t a huge affair, but the room was filled with so much love, laughter and joy,” says Motz. “We invited friends both ‘old’ and ‘new’ and the combination of people was absolutely perfect! Our families and friends honored us by attending and we are so lucky to have each and every one of them in our lives.”

After the couple were married in NYC, they flew to Los Angeles for a week and enjoyed seeing friends and family. They also visited Disneyland many times throughout the week. After their ceremony in Ohio, the couple rented Sage American Bistro for a private brunch for their families.

Wedding Details:

Venue: The Columbus Athenaeum

Flowers: FLOURISH bespoke

Rings: Diamonds & Designs by None Other Goldsmiths

Invitations: Peabody Papers

Officiant: Bill Sieloff

DJ: Jeremy Koch of Encore Entertainment

Food: Catered by The Columbus Athenaeum

Signature Drink: Mound Street Mule by The Jury Room

Cake: Jan Kish of la petite fleur

All photos provided by the couple.

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