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Watershed Distillery Will Release Apple Brandy This Month

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Watershed Distillery Will Release Apple Brandy This MonthPhoto provided by Watershed Distillery.
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Watershed Distillery is mixing up their product lineup with a new addition: Apply Brandy. It’s the first drink of its kind produced in central Ohio in over 100 years, and it’ll be released for public consumption on October 22 at the distillery’s launch event.

In a process taking several years, Watershed has produced its Apple Brandy made from 100 percent Ohio apples that were fermented, distilled and aged on-site. While the spirit is made to be consumed on its own, it’s also recommended for use in drinks typically made with bourbon, such as the Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

In celebration of the Apple Brandy’s release, Watershed will close down Chesapeake avenue, where their facility is located, for a block party. Apple Brandy cocktails, food, and games will be offered, as well as pour-overs from local coffee roaster Ramble Coffee.

Watershed’s Apple Brandy is 80 proof and costs $39.95 in Ohio.

For more information, visit watersheddistillery.com.

To buy tickets to the launch party, visit eventbrite.com.


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