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Watershed Distillery Adds Bourbon to the Lineup

Walker Evans Walker Evans Watershed Distillery Adds Bourbon to the Lineup
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Locally-based Watershed Distillery has had a busy year. Their product lineup has doubled in 2012 with the launch of their Bourbon Barrel Gin in August and the upcoming launch of Bourbon on October 31st.

“My partner Greg Lehman and I have always had a fascination with aged spirits,” says Dave Rigo, Co-Owner and Distiller at Watershed. “We’ve put away a few barrels per month ever since we started the distillery in 2010. We love sharing all of our spirits, but there is a special bond with the one you’ve stared at for two years and haven’t been able to share until now.”

Rigo says that their bourbon falls somewhere between sweet and spicy as they use a mash bill that includes both wheat and rye, though a heavier portion of wheat. He says that it should stack up nicely along side other wheated bourbons on the market.

“We haven’t reused any of our own Bourbon barrels for our Bourbon Barrel Gin as we just are dumping these now,” says Rigo. “We will start filling these soon for the next batch of Gin.”

Watershed is hosting a Halloween Party at their distillery for their bourbon release on October 31st, starting at 11pm. Costumes are encouraged, and food trucks Ajumama and Swoop will be on site to sell snacks. Bourbon tasting and sales begin at midnight.

More information can be found online at www.watersheddistillery.com.

Update: Great news for local bourbon drinkers, Middle West Spirits is also launching a Bourbon. READ MORE HERE.

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