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Warp Zone Keeps Retro Gaming Alive in Hilliard

Cody Starcher Cody Starcher Warp Zone Keeps Retro Gaming Alive in HilliardThe Hilliard gaming shop that quickly became my favorite store in Central Ohio.
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Ask anyone interested in gaming in the Hilliard area about “Warp Zone” and they will either tell you it’s one of the best gaming stores they’ve been to, or everyone else has told them it’s the best gaming store they’ve ever been to. So when I moved to Hilliard last Fall, I went to check out the local shop and I’ve been a regular since.

Welcome to Warp Zone!

Welcome to Warp Zone!

Located at 4496 Cemetery Road, Warp Zone opened in April of 2013 and has been amassing countless regulars ever since. With a focus on Retro, Weird, and Obscure products relating to video games and geek culture, you’ll always run into something you’ve never seen before and will rarely leave empty handed. The store features everything from Imported Japanese snacks, to the classic games and console you grew up playing.

“The Wall” filled with the consoles of your childhood.

“The Wall” filled with the consoles of your childhood.

“Nintendo is what keeps the wheels of commerce moving,” jokes owner Darrin Griffin, who says that there have been plenty of other weird and rarer products that have walked through the door. “I think some of my favorite things that have walked through the door are the Neo Geo AES, a Gimmick! for the Famicom, and we actually had a Little Samson for the NES a few months ago that sold in under two hours.”

Although these finds are few and far between, there is always something interesting awaiting for you at the store, and it’s really Darrin and his team that makes the store so enjoyable. As I chatted with him about some of the reasons why the store has been so successful, customers had no problem chiming in at the fact of the team’s knowledge when it came to Retro gaming and the products in the shop that keeps them coming back time and time again. Darrin, who bought his first Sega Genesis in High School, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Sega products and import games. You’ll never leave Warp Zone without learning at least one new thing, which is part of its.

Owner Darrin Griffin is the guy you wanna talk to about Sega and Imports.

Owner Darrin Griffin is the guy you wanna talk to about Sega and Imports.

When asked about the Future of Warp Zone, Darrin is just excited to continue serving his game enthusiast community. He just resigned his lease, giving us four more years to hang out, play, and learn something new in the familiar location.

Warp Zone is open from 11am-8pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays and 11am-5pm on Sundays in their location at 4496 Cemetery Road. They will also be at this year’s Columbus Toy and Collectible Show on September 11th at the Ohio Expo Center.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/warpzonehq.

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