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Wall Collapses at Historic Building in Olde Towne East

Walker Evans Walker Evans Wall Collapses at Historic Building in Olde Towne EastPhoto by Walker Evans.
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Earlier this evening, a portion of a wall collapsed from the side of a historic building in Olde Towne East, spilling out into the street at the intersection of Ohio Avenue and Oak Street. No one was reported as injured, though the collapse is threatening ongoing plans to renovate the building, originally announced back in December.

“One of the reasons we originally pursued this building was because it was a beautiful, historic building in danger of being torn down, like many other beautiful Olde Towne East buildings lost in years past,” said building owner Krista Sparks, who along with her husband Brad Hobbs have renovated and opened the Olde Towne Tavern, Corner Stone Carryout, and working toward opening The Walrus. “Decades of neglect had left it desperately in need of major rehab. We knew we were in a race against time and Mother Nature when we undertook this project.”

Sparks said that while their structural engineers will need to examine the building closely, she does think that the structural pieces of the east side of the building are still intact and can likely be repaired.

“We are hopeful we’ll be able to rebuild that wall and continue development as planned,” she said. “We are grateful for the continued love and support we’ve always received from the neighborhood.”

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