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Wagenbrenner Selected to Develop Mount Carmel West Site

Brent Warren Brent Warren Wagenbrenner Selected to Develop Mount Carmel West SiteA site plan from 2017 shows the outline of the Mount Carmel West campus. Courtesy of Mount Carmel.
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The long-planned redevelopment of Mount Carmel’s Franklinton campus took another step forward this week with the announcement that Wagenbrenner Development will be leading the project.

Samantha Irons, spokesperson for Mount Carmel Health Systems, said that the local company’s track record of redeveloping large urban sites – as well as its reputation for working collaboratively with residents and neighborhood groups – were prime factors in the decision. 

“Wagenbrenner…will work directly with Mount Carmel and the greater Franklinton community to implement the shared vision for the campus, which will serve as a community resource for healthy living, education and economic development,” Irons said in a statement.

A completed development plan is expected some time in 2019. It will add specifics to a general outline for the property that was first laid out in 2015, then refined and updated in 2016 and 2017.

After a series of delays, the new Mount Carmel Grove City hospital is now scheduled to open in late April or early May, at which time all inpatient services will move from the Franklinton hospital to the new one.

Emergency care will remain available at the Mount Carmel West campus, in a new emergency department on Green Street that is scheduled to open this spring. Also remaining is the College of Nursing and the Healthy Living Center, both of which will be expanded.

Wagenbrenner will head up the efforts to develop the rest of the large site, which is located south of West Broad Street and west of SR 315.

Immediately to the east of the Mount Carmel property, the former Graham Ford site was recently purchased by the Pizzuti Companies.

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